Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A day full of talking!

Woke up wondering if I could skip work today.

I did not feel well this morning. Neither do I feel well now.

Came to work anyway because we have the few unmentionables to be finalised.

I totally forgot about the School meeting. Oh dear. Luckily I called Dr X to help me decide a few things, at which he promptly reminded me that I should come to the School meeting. Close call.

I would put down my thoughts for that meeting not now but for another day. Safe to say that there were a large amount of heated arguments and issues being raised and solved. Which I think was fruitful.

Next my personal issues. Firstly my headache (migraine). Been having this for two days. On top of that my sinuses are really painful. That one started today. Furthermore I have abdominal pains. Something like period cramps. It is horrible to have to work even when I have all this pains. Hopefully my body will not punish me in any hard way for my need to push myself within these next few months. I pray baby will be okay. I pray my health will keep up.

I read up on the internet that the abdominal cramps are normal occurence for pregnant women. Sigh... I beg for days without pain. But I am sure someone out there is living in worst pain than I am.

Oh on a lighter note. I have some photos to share. The photo you see on the right is of the Crazy Japanese Man in my last blog. :)
And the murky water did not faze the hard-core kids.

I met my colleague (Dr Herbal Malteser) on the way to "punch out" for the day. He told me how I can relieve my migraine and sinuses. The migraine worked but the sinus thing is still being worked out. Well I think it does not work on me but I will keep on trying.

I also put up my certificates into proper frames finally. :) I do not care if it does not matter to anyone or that I am boasting but I am proud of it. I bled, cried, struggled for it. I damn well do better be proud of it!

1 comment:

april said...

hi! been meaning to call u since last week, just too bloody busy (boo) and i can see u have been too. so we are reduced to this - leaving comments on each other's blogs at work. hahaha!
i will call u soon. promise. and i hope we'll be able to find - no, make - time to meet up. even if it's just for ngiu chap!

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