Thursday, February 21, 2008

Exciting American Idol

My hubby asks, "when is American Idol on?". Everyday since Sunday night. We were impatiently waiting for last night.

And it was worth the wait. The singers were all very very talented. Especially the one mentioned in the Love&Peace blog (

David Archuleta, Jason Castro (his eyes are piercing blue... ah I can swim in those eyes all day) and our son's Namesake OZ Michael Johns. Michael is my hubby's favourite to win. My kiddo loved Jason Castro he was clapping his hands throughout his song. Can you imagine my 14 month old son clapping and appreciating talent. Maybe he will be a famous entertainer too one day.. Ha ha ha ha. Really can not help dreaming about silly things for my kiddo. And David, in my eyes he can do no wrong. My only fear is that his talent will be destroyed by the publicity that he receives, he is so young. I pray not.

The named ones are the strongest contenders, they have skill, originality and artistic input into their songs. However the competition is still in the early stages. I wonder if any of the others who will show an unexpected side of them and WOW the crowd!

I can not wait for tonight. Josie... hope to see your comments about them too.

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denna said...

i love american idol..just to watch david's imagine, i watched it thrice..!!! hehehe.

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