Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hey lady.. you lady!

Ha ha gotcha... I am not cursing at my life. I am just cursing at my bloody persistent headache. I have been to the specialist and Dr ENT said I had a sinusitis. Uwaaaaa... never heard of that.. Why now Why me.. I need my health to be tip top.

That is why I have my headaches, my sinus is infected. Nevermind. That just means I have to work even with this bloody awful headache. Had popped to panadols this morning. Maybe it is past it's due date. I do not notice any relieve of headache. Hmmm... Plus I have to meet the BIG guns today at five. Maybe I should sleep first and rest my poor head.

Okay this panadol popping preggy lady will in a nutshell still want to talk about American Idol.. I just can not wait for tonight. Last week I got too busy to mention my lady favourites.. I really like that teeny tiny Filipino girl, Ramiele Malubay, That Asia’h Epperson... her performance was joyful, Carly Smithson really dissappointed me ... I really hope she improves... Syesha was good too..

Comparing the performances between the ladies and gents. The gents did generally ok. They did not have any very very bad mishaps overall, they were safe. The girls however did better, although some had a really really atrocious performance. But for those who did well. They shone.. Love the competition

okay I now know what being tagged means

so check my next blog for this tag. Watch out I am putting you people on it too..

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