Thursday, February 28, 2008

Panadol popping preggy lady!

Just took two more panadols. I have to admit it.. I am beaten. I can not take this anymore. Wish I could stop work for a while and rest. I feel soo exhausted. But I have so much to do.

Last night I ended up meeting the big guns at 9.30 pm. Yes, late at night. The only good thing that came out of that was that it is finally over. Thank you God.

I need to check if I am the first KaDus girl to get a Chemical Engineering Doctorate. Is that true? The big big gun stated this which even I did not think was true. If it is true that is great for me. The first time I am first at anything. But I hope if anyone out there was first before me, then to come to me and tell me that I was not first. :) Otherwise my head would be too big for my body! Ha ha ha ha... I would look like a Lollipop.

I can not help agonizing over the fact that I missed last night's American Idol. :( I hope there will be a repeat for me to see David and Michael.


denna said...

bloghopping from joyce's blog..hmm, you r pregnant? i am glad i have not once feel sick (apart from msickness) during my pregnancy so no med at all for me..good due today but no sign of her coming out..sigh..boring boring

Doc Rogue said...

wow about to pop out. Hope everything goes well.. smile and enjoy the last days of pregnancy..

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