Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rainy painy day

It was pouring non stop today. However, not wanting to dampen anyone's spirit we all still went on with the original plan to get massaged by a school of fish. :o well if you haven't heard it. I hear it is very good.

By the time we reached Tamparuli we were informed that the river was swollen and we diverted our plans to Poring Hot Springs.

So by the time we reached Hot Springs.... It still has not stopped raining. We were told that even the hot water tubs were not giving their usual hot water. On top of that the water was murky. Hmmmm... how bad can it be.

I told myself I would not let this bring me down.. I would still dip into the water regardless. And I did, along with everyone else who had the child in them still. Reminds me of wading through muck. hahahha

It was fun. To top it off. There was a crazy Japanese tourist who decided to wear a pink set of bikinis and run around terrorizing all the men. That was hilarious. Oh it was a good bright day. My kiddo was clapping away at all the hooo haaa... we were on the floor laughing... home packed food was good (it was ikan masin, fried chicken and rice).

The day was full of laughter and fun. I would have another one in an instant. That is when my hubby recovers. He was soo tired. He fell asleep as soon as he laid his head on the pillow.

Good night. I am going to bed too.

1 comment:

osindak said...

wah enjoy kamurang ah (o: post some pix kio!

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