Friday, March 28, 2008

VVT-i vs DVVT. Huh? : A Dumb Undercover Blonde's Guide to Car Engine Technology.

To tell you the truth, although I am an engineer, I do not have the slightest understanding about car technology. I am totally dumb in this area. So the normal thing to do is Google it. So I googled "what is the difference between DVVT and VVT-i" and found a good source in

According to the website DVVT or it's full name Daihatsu Valve Variable Timing is based (copycat) on Daihatsu mother company Toyota engine, which is VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing - intelligence). They believe that DVVT is just VVT-i's engine brand name for Daihatsu cars.

Both DVVT and VVT-i is designed for fuel efficiency. Basically a 1.3l should be able to perform like a 1.5 engine due to better combustion at high rpm (revolution of engine, higher gear). In short more power for less fuel. CHEAPER! Hmmm... What really happens is that the valve timer shifts the time of opening of the valve a little bit earlier than normal engines. The higher the rpm the earlier it opens and hence better combustion

Rating according to best fuel efficiency, MyPerodua would says "i-DSI would be the best choice. For power, Vtec is the best.. and DVVT and VVT-i is in between those two".

Further information
This engine does not work on early valve timing but, Honda put two spark plugs on each piston to burn the fossil more efficiently. These spark plugs however have the main and secondary plugs. The main plugs usually sparks first, followed by the secondary plugs to burn the remaining gas in the chamber.

This works in a similiar way to VVT-i and DVVT but different in that what actually happens is that the valve intake opens longer than normal. Allowing more air to come into the combustion chamber. The more air in the chamber, the more efficient the fuel burns.

I thank myprotwo on the website now I am not dumb in this area anymore. This was brought on by the fact that I would really like to buy a new car but I want a technologically advanced engine. What is technology for if you don't use it. By the way a Kancil does not have this technology. I think the Kelisa has it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Don't mess with me day!

It is funny how a day can change.

Yesterday was good, while today. I feel sooo heartless and don't-give-a-bloody-damn. Hah. One unfortunate student got a negative answer from me. However I balanced it out with signing up for NKF donation. Poor NKF fund raiser. He shrunk away from my door frame as soon as he saw my face. Must have look truly eeeevil. Ha. Anyway after a quick struggle to be kind and mannered I welcome him in and sat him down.

I have been waiting to contribute to the National Kidney Foundation. The kidney is such an important organ of the human body. Can you imagine a house without a toilet? You will have poo everywere. Habis la... (expression which means you are done for). Now for a person who has both kidneys fail on them. It is like living in a rubbish bin or even a human waste unit. My passion to help people overcame my really nasty mood today. Thank God! I am still human.

My baby is kicking. :) Aw... I am 20 weeks pregnant today. I can feel this little passionate no nonsense kid inside of me and I melt. However I blame all my heartlessness to this pregnancy. This unborn kid definitely accepts no nonsense. Definitely an authoritarian when he grows up. Just hope it is for the right reasons.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Another happy moment!

Me so happy, me could cry!!!!

My one and only paper is finally published. No more article in press. Yahoo!!!! As of 6 Feb 2008. Gosh that took ages. It was available online since 27 Feb 2007. It is even listed in Web of Knowledge he he he he.. I am finally indexed. This is really the Kampung girl (Country girl) in me. That means I can be cited by others. Double yahoo.

Anyway it is properly published now. Very excited! Ha ha ha ha. Of course. It is my one and only paper! I should have written another 3 from my Thesis but but but but... Hmmm. I am so embarrassed to say I have loads of excuses. I do look up to my fellow researchers from Birmingham. They are good and I can not compare. However in my little way I have contributed to science. My paper can be found online at with the title 'Using intelligent software to predict the effects of formulation and processing parameters on roller compaction'. Yahoo... It really really means a lot to me. Why? because it means my work is credible. Unlike the tons of elephant dung out there. I did not do rocket science research but it is a small but credible scientific knowledge. Ha ha ha ha. The journal is not HIGH IMPACT nevermind but it is useful in its own way.

Mind you my research at Birmingham had gotten another 4 students their research grants. That is a lot isn't it. Ha ha ha... I really can hear Dr EEEvil (Rob) telling me how silly I am. But I do not care. I am happy.

I should take this as an encouragement to keep plugging on. I will write my next three papers this year if I die trying. I will also produce another grant before the end of June 2008. That is a promise. And if I fail.. I will cry. :)

Thank You!

I thank you all who have visited my blog since I have put it up.

Payperpost has approved my site and I am a happy bunny. Means the money should be trickling in.

I would not have been successful without all your support.

Cheers to all!

Bitter sweet life

I had three phone calls from my inconsiderate students.
Last night after 9 pm, and two just before the test 2 this morning. Aiyah.... sometimes it is sooo GRRRR frustrating. With the really DUH!???? excuses. Last night's call was to ask if he could take the test another day because he had a cold for three days. Hello? you just need to sit for 45 minutes answer the quiz and leave. Procedure for sick students are easy we take their sick cert from their doctors and when the final marks are finally out we consider that they were sick and be lenient on them if they are borderline cases. This morning's excuses were even better. I have told them about this quiz two weeks ago. This morning they call to postpone their quiz due to some their robot not functioning for a competition tomorrow. Hmmmm.. I know Lina you have left this things sooo far behind. On days like this I secretly envy you. I told the students well just take the 45 minutes test. It is very short. They have the gall to tell me they have not studied for it... even more GRRRRRR!!!. Okay calm down. I need to meditate. I pray to God for calmness and patience. My baby inside is feeling my frustration. It is kicking around profusely. Poor baby. It will come out with the shortest temper.... hahahha...

Anyhoo I managed to calm myself down. I need to give the test to another 300 students so I can not be giving them a hard time because of three silly classmates. The test is given and I am glad. The term is almost over. My lecture notes are almost done. I am just in time. Thank God.

To balance that out. My Kiddo reminded me that the best things in life are free. We were playing in the car this morning on the way to his nursery and he made the cheekiest giggles. It was fun and lighthearted. Every time I think of that moment. It makes me smile from the inside out. :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

To have or not to have house help.

Been soo busy at work and at home recently. The workload at work is neverending, so is the housework. I do not mind the house work. It is something that should be done. However when your kiddo is blaring his voice box in protest because he wants you to sit close to him. Sigh... it is difficult. I can not sit still while looking at my really dusty floor. Unswept for a week this morning. The dishes, the laundry gets done at least. The toilets needs cleaning. Hmmmm.... I have totally given up on cooking dinners for myself. As long as my Kiddo gets to eat I am happy.

Pros and cons of having a house help.
The good thing about having a help is that you get loads of help with dinner, house cleaning and my kiddo gets enough attention too. If I did not work. I would be able to cope with housecleaning and caring for my kiddo. But work is such a huge added stress for me.
The bad thing about help is that, at times they may hurt your kiddo, they might steal, one has to send and pick them up as they wish, buy food which they can eat. It is also an added person to care for, especially with really young inexperienced girls who can't even manage to watch themselves so they don't get hurt. On top of everything, they will leave the job with you as they please and you are left in chaos on where to send your kiddo. The inconsistency is really bad for my Kiddo. He gets stressed. I like things to stay constant for him. Really do.

Pros and cons of sending my kiddo to nursery.
The advantages of sending my kiddo to nursery is that he gets a lot of friends. He will eventually find it not such a hell to be parted from his mom and dad. It is a constant thing.
However the disadvantages are that he gets stressed during the first few weeks. The tantrums he throws are out of this world. We are barely coping with the housework and he gets very little attention from me when most of the time I spend at home is doing housecleaning.

So in conclusion, I would really love a good dependable help. But I think if I get used to this housecleaning, juggling giving attention to my Kiddo and my office work. I would be able to cope. I think my work will have to be sacrificed though. I need to do a lot of reading and writing using out of office time if I wanted to be good in research. At the moment I am barely coping with preparing lecture notes for my new classes. I really feel run down. Honestly. Life is amazingly chaotic for me now. I am struggling to make things simple. However that is evading me. Hope time will give me an answer. With another one coming, being tired is a norm. I do not know how I am coping and how I will cope.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday again!

Shite! someone's put a note on my door using double sided tape. I am fuming. I liked that my newly painted pink door was speckless last time I saw it. Feck!!!!! Now it is not. How inconsiderate. Use your brain lah! That is what the white board and the envelope box are for. There is also the space under the door to slide things in.

Murphy's law: if something can go wrong it will. Grrrrr.... I regret the day I filled in that form to agree to review papers for this Seminar. Not only did I get a bollocking for not having reviewed the four papers on time. Which I really hate. I have never been told off that I was incompetent. If he was right I think I would have admitted. But they are in need of my help and it was a favour. A volunteer job. They asked if I could review a few papers. I said yes. They asked how much papers I could review. I said four. They did not tell me that the papers were to be reviewed in one week. Double shite! FECK! I vaguely remember trying to get to the papers a week ago. But Mondays are always a busy day. Then my Kiddo got so sick Monday night. It was a stomach bug. But my poor kiddo was vomitting over and over again. I got so shaken. I immediately decided to take care of my son and not go to work. Which was great coz I would not be worried to death about him while working, but not so great for work. And so go figure. Will I continue volunteering my time and effort? NAH!!! do not think so. I should give my effort for international paper reviewing. That will at least gives me some kind of credibility. Or better use my time on blogging. Hah!

Anyhoo.. I had fun last weekend. Was busy cleaning up my home. I am now officially a housewife in the weekends! Meaning I got no house helper to do the dreaded job for me. Hopefully I can continue even when my tummy grows bigger. My partner in crime does help which I am so thankful for. I also visited my student's in a course with Shell at Sutera. They really had a great time. I am happy for them. Now I need to get a move on with another quiz. Tara for now.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The monday after the elections.

Woah.. I feel so tired today. A very exciting weekend. In my little beautiful state, for the first time, in my life time of adult realisation of all things important. BN won with such a huge majority, however they lost in 5 other states. hmm if I am wrong. It is clear that my source had told me the wrong info. :) I am not as crazy about this as a lot of people I know. I am amazed at how passionately some feel about this.

I think that it is good. Some people still care that their opinions matter. I just joined in to have a free ride on something exciting. HOW SAD!!! ROFL. I sooooo need a holiday. I am begging for the next few weeks to come fast. I will then find a quite corner to myself and read maybe Sophie Kinsella, or just do my manicure and pedicure, or maybe to chat with friends, or even to just enjoy a day at the beach with my kiddo. He is so big now. He can run around with the big boys kicking a ball. Oh soooo cute. At fifteen months. He will probably be another Michael Balak. Hmmmm daydreaming again. I WANT A BREAK!!!!

The Dr. BIG BOSS is on holiday. Mr. Office Registrar is also on holiday. I want one too. :) Oh and we lost our house helper again! This morning we sent my little kiddo to the nursery. He cried when we left him but according to Pn Telipok, he was as happy as Larry. He was playing and enjoying himself. Ah I feel at peace and guilt free. He is happy to see other kids. I can not wait to pick him up today. Where is my bloody partner in life. I wanna go home now!

Tara... Cheerios.. Bubye... Adios... Tatatititutu... Ciao...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Midweek blues

Aiyoohhh. yooh... it is soo difficult push myself to do work. Awfully difficult.

I am sooo grateful to all you bloggers out there. I have a reason to stick to my seat even when I am bored to death while doing my notes. Hmmm. Reading up your blogs had brighten my day today.

Shoot! I just remembered I have a meeting in one hour.

Yesterday it rained like no tomorrow. Very scary indeed. I was warned by Doc Beautiful and my sister that I should go home early. It was likely to flood. I still went home an hour late. :) Rebel. I had four choices in my route home. First, towards YS long way, second, toward YS short way, third, towards IP Long way and last, towards IP short way. Hmm I took YS short way. Going over the YS bridge I could see that the river was sooo very very full. Thank God I was going home. However I changed route half way coz the Kg Likas road was JAMMED. I took the long way which was smoother. Some large puddles and river like water logged on the roads but passable. On Tuaran bypass the jam was soooo long on the Lintas highway direction. I was so glad that I did not stay in Penampang. Phew. And I was also glad I had a chosen the right route home. The IP way would have been really jammed. So I got home in 45 minutes. Not bad for such a bad day.

Bad day coz I got caught by my own warning. I knew it. I went to the ladies and they had just painted the door frames. I was soo trying to be careful. I still succeeded in getting paint on my favourite skirt. shoots!!!!! GRrrrr...

Hey not bad for 8 minutes blogging time. Oh I wish I could write a formal speech in the same short time. It took me an hour to write a 10 minute speech. I hate speeches. I hate listening to them. I hate writing them. Hmmm... I wish I could fall asleep and have the speech written for me while I was sleeping. It always works when someone gives the speech. Someone in front goes yadaa... yada... yada... and off I go into dreamland and the Faraway Tree. By the time I have visited Birthday Land and got back home I wake up and the speech is over. hmmmm.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Wet Paint!!!!

Watch out I just had my doors painted pink.

Funny colour for a door right? Yeah ask the past Big Gun's wife. She chose it.

My door had one victim so far. Just as I was printing the wet paint sign. I would bet there would be more even with the wet paint sign on my door.

Oh dear I think I have to leave my room now. I am already slightly heady. The smell is bad for baby. okay no problem. I will go somewhere else to do work.

I am like a bird - Eagle.. woo hoo..

Your Power Bird is an Eagle
You are spiritual and able to soar to great heights.
You are a true inspiration, and many people look to you for guidance.
And you are quite demanding in relationships... but you're worth it.
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The Keys to Your Life - Shite! truth reverberates.

The Keys to Your Life
Anything good in your life comes from you having the strength to make good decisions.

You know how to assess a situation before you leap into action.

Anything bad in your life comes from fooling yourself or clinging to illusions.

Be strong enough to see the world clearly. Learn from your mistakes.

My Shoe Type - Oh I am common... :)

You Are Sneakers
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You should live: Near nature

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The Sesame Street Personality Quiz - Who would have guessed

You Are Bert
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You are usually feeling: Logical - you rarely let your emotions rule you

You are famous for: Being smart, a total neat freak, and maybe just a little evil

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