Monday, March 24, 2008

Another happy moment!

Me so happy, me could cry!!!!

My one and only paper is finally published. No more article in press. Yahoo!!!! As of 6 Feb 2008. Gosh that took ages. It was available online since 27 Feb 2007. It is even listed in Web of Knowledge he he he he.. I am finally indexed. This is really the Kampung girl (Country girl) in me. That means I can be cited by others. Double yahoo.

Anyway it is properly published now. Very excited! Ha ha ha ha. Of course. It is my one and only paper! I should have written another 3 from my Thesis but but but but... Hmmm. I am so embarrassed to say I have loads of excuses. I do look up to my fellow researchers from Birmingham. They are good and I can not compare. However in my little way I have contributed to science. My paper can be found online at with the title 'Using intelligent software to predict the effects of formulation and processing parameters on roller compaction'. Yahoo... It really really means a lot to me. Why? because it means my work is credible. Unlike the tons of elephant dung out there. I did not do rocket science research but it is a small but credible scientific knowledge. Ha ha ha ha. The journal is not HIGH IMPACT nevermind but it is useful in its own way.

Mind you my research at Birmingham had gotten another 4 students their research grants. That is a lot isn't it. Ha ha ha... I really can hear Dr EEEvil (Rob) telling me how silly I am. But I do not care. I am happy.

I should take this as an encouragement to keep plugging on. I will write my next three papers this year if I die trying. I will also produce another grant before the end of June 2008. That is a promise. And if I fail.. I will cry. :)


linachu said...

congratulations my dear!
i know this is something that would make you so happy... i'll go look it up on sciencedirect :)

Doc Rogue said...

:) I am beaming from ear to ear. Like the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland. Thank you Lina

Jessica said...

Congrats chal... u deserve it for all the hard work u've done..all the best on the other papers...

I wont and never be able to do what u've done...pemalas gia sia and dont have the brain and effort...heehe..heehe

Doc Rogue said...

Thanks Jess. It means so much to me these papers are the lifeline of researchers.

Without it we are nothing but just a bunch of big ass Doctor liars.. HAHAHAH.

By the way, Jess I am old but I know a few things about life. Do not compare yourself with others and what they achieve. One's life is hard enough to deal with. Be proud that you are a person who is learning to deal with growing, ever changing problems and pains everyday of your life. In my eyes everyone is a success as long as they go on living. Everybody have their own type of challenges. No life is easy. It is up to us to make what we can of it. :) You are sweet and young and you have so much to give to your family. I can see you are taking each step as it comes. That is already overcoming a lot of challenges. Take care...

ms enet merisa said...

congrats rachel! am happy for you, tumpang bangga juga bah!

all the best untuk yg other papers kio. god bless.

maizura said...

wow! congrats..i'm happy for u too..:)

Doc Rogue said...

Thanks... now i got pressure to really write the papers.. Takut pula me... The doctor just said.. decrease stress. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Chel,
We bangga got org org kita kana published their paper esp when it came from a prumpuan kadus, penampang :). Mana mo cari that. Mayb ada pun brapa org noh kan. Tabikkkk...


Rem said...

Congrats Rach!

osindak said...

Congrats Rach!! *big hugs*

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