Monday, March 24, 2008

Bitter sweet life

I had three phone calls from my inconsiderate students.
Last night after 9 pm, and two just before the test 2 this morning. Aiyah.... sometimes it is sooo GRRRR frustrating. With the really DUH!???? excuses. Last night's call was to ask if he could take the test another day because he had a cold for three days. Hello? you just need to sit for 45 minutes answer the quiz and leave. Procedure for sick students are easy we take their sick cert from their doctors and when the final marks are finally out we consider that they were sick and be lenient on them if they are borderline cases. This morning's excuses were even better. I have told them about this quiz two weeks ago. This morning they call to postpone their quiz due to some their robot not functioning for a competition tomorrow. Hmmmm.. I know Lina you have left this things sooo far behind. On days like this I secretly envy you. I told the students well just take the 45 minutes test. It is very short. They have the gall to tell me they have not studied for it... even more GRRRRRR!!!. Okay calm down. I need to meditate. I pray to God for calmness and patience. My baby inside is feeling my frustration. It is kicking around profusely. Poor baby. It will come out with the shortest temper.... hahahha...

Anyhoo I managed to calm myself down. I need to give the test to another 300 students so I can not be giving them a hard time because of three silly classmates. The test is given and I am glad. The term is almost over. My lecture notes are almost done. I am just in time. Thank God.

To balance that out. My Kiddo reminded me that the best things in life are free. We were playing in the car this morning on the way to his nursery and he made the cheekiest giggles. It was fun and lighthearted. Every time I think of that moment. It makes me smile from the inside out. :)


linachu said...

hehe...yep, i heard my fair share of excuses through out the years! but ya know wat, for every 10 students tat are inconsiderate and excuse givers, you'd probably get 1 or 2 that are those appreciative, 'good' ones..the kind tat are gonna say something that just makes your day! yep, it's bitter sweet alright :)

Doc Rogue said...

Hmmm I hope I meet one soon.

maizura said...

i was rather worried when my student got kicked out last sem so i asked him to write an appeal letter. i nearly fainted with his reply..."surat apa lagi yg mau di bikin puan?"

hehe, enough said...u better be prepared with tonnes of excuses. they are rather creative in this dept. but yes, there are still those that makes all the effort worthwhile kan! so enjoy the cigu life..hehe

linachu said...

i just remembered, ada one student tat handed in his assignment late and when i said i will have to deduct his know wat he said, 'it's ok..just deduct it!' i was like..oh god, don't u even care??

anyways...i do have a few students that i remember fondly and there were some little things they said or done tat made me feel i WAS making a difference to them.. they're a rare breed but they do exist!

Doc Rogue said...

You lovely ladies just cracked me up. I agree about getting myself ready about the excuses. However I can not find it in myself to help people who do not wish to help themselves.

Malas la me. Maybe it is my pregnancy. My unborn child is soo heartless. I do not feel even a slight tinge of pity for these students. It is funny coz I am usually more caring. HOWEVER a friend of mine usually says stranger things have happen at Sea. ;o

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