Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Don't mess with me day!

It is funny how a day can change.

Yesterday was good, while today. I feel sooo heartless and don't-give-a-bloody-damn. Hah. One unfortunate student got a negative answer from me. However I balanced it out with signing up for NKF donation. Poor NKF fund raiser. He shrunk away from my door frame as soon as he saw my face. Must have look truly eeeevil. Ha. Anyway after a quick struggle to be kind and mannered I welcome him in and sat him down.

I have been waiting to contribute to the National Kidney Foundation. The kidney is such an important organ of the human body. Can you imagine a house without a toilet? You will have poo everywere. Habis la... (expression which means you are done for). Now for a person who has both kidneys fail on them. It is like living in a rubbish bin or even a human waste unit. My passion to help people overcame my really nasty mood today. Thank God! I am still human.

My baby is kicking. :) Aw... I am 20 weeks pregnant today. I can feel this little passionate no nonsense kid inside of me and I melt. However I blame all my heartlessness to this pregnancy. This unborn kid definitely accepts no nonsense. Definitely an authoritarian when he grows up. Just hope it is for the right reasons.


Tracie Ramsey said...


Doc Rogue said...

No we don't know yet. 'He' noun is used generally to describe male or female in the text....
How about you. Do you know?

Tracie Ramsey said...

yes we had a scan about a week ago, and it's said to be pink, but we'll wait n see if that's true... you know how sometimes these scans can be wrong.

Doc Rogue said...

ya bah.. but that is exciting. If you do get a pink one... ;)

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