Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Midweek blues

Aiyoohhh. yooh... it is soo difficult push myself to do work. Awfully difficult.

I am sooo grateful to all you bloggers out there. I have a reason to stick to my seat even when I am bored to death while doing my notes. Hmmm. Reading up your blogs had brighten my day today.

Shoot! I just remembered I have a meeting in one hour.

Yesterday it rained like no tomorrow. Very scary indeed. I was warned by Doc Beautiful and my sister that I should go home early. It was likely to flood. I still went home an hour late. :) Rebel. I had four choices in my route home. First, towards YS long way, second, toward YS short way, third, towards IP Long way and last, towards IP short way. Hmm I took YS short way. Going over the YS bridge I could see that the river was sooo very very full. Thank God I was going home. However I changed route half way coz the Kg Likas road was JAMMED. I took the long way which was smoother. Some large puddles and river like water logged on the roads but passable. On Tuaran bypass the jam was soooo long on the Lintas highway direction. I was so glad that I did not stay in Penampang. Phew. And I was also glad I had a chosen the right route home. The IP way would have been really jammed. So I got home in 45 minutes. Not bad for such a bad day.

Bad day coz I got caught by my own warning. I knew it. I went to the ladies and they had just painted the door frames. I was soo trying to be careful. I still succeeded in getting paint on my favourite skirt. shoots!!!!! GRrrrr...

Hey not bad for 8 minutes blogging time. Oh I wish I could write a formal speech in the same short time. It took me an hour to write a 10 minute speech. I hate speeches. I hate listening to them. I hate writing them. Hmmm... I wish I could fall asleep and have the speech written for me while I was sleeping. It always works when someone gives the speech. Someone in front goes yadaa... yada... yada... and off I go into dreamland and the Faraway Tree. By the time I have visited Birthday Land and got back home I wake up and the speech is over. hmmmm.


linachu said...

just stumbled upon this blog and hey, i know you! trying to decipher siapakah doc beautiful and doc herbal malteser..hmmm.....

Doc Rogue said...

wink wink... memang you know la bah.. :)thanks for visiting Azlina,
I keep track of yours tooo.. hope you dont mind

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