Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday again!

Shite! someone's put a note on my door using double sided tape. I am fuming. I liked that my newly painted pink door was speckless last time I saw it. Feck!!!!! Now it is not. How inconsiderate. Use your brain lah! That is what the white board and the envelope box are for. There is also the space under the door to slide things in.

Murphy's law: if something can go wrong it will. Grrrrr.... I regret the day I filled in that form to agree to review papers for this Seminar. Not only did I get a bollocking for not having reviewed the four papers on time. Which I really hate. I have never been told off that I was incompetent. If he was right I think I would have admitted. But they are in need of my help and it was a favour. A volunteer job. They asked if I could review a few papers. I said yes. They asked how much papers I could review. I said four. They did not tell me that the papers were to be reviewed in one week. Double shite! FECK! I vaguely remember trying to get to the papers a week ago. But Mondays are always a busy day. Then my Kiddo got so sick Monday night. It was a stomach bug. But my poor kiddo was vomitting over and over again. I got so shaken. I immediately decided to take care of my son and not go to work. Which was great coz I would not be worried to death about him while working, but not so great for work. And so go figure. Will I continue volunteering my time and effort? NAH!!! do not think so. I should give my effort for international paper reviewing. That will at least gives me some kind of credibility. Or better use my time on blogging. Hah!

Anyhoo.. I had fun last weekend. Was busy cleaning up my home. I am now officially a housewife in the weekends! Meaning I got no house helper to do the dreaded job for me. Hopefully I can continue even when my tummy grows bigger. My partner in crime does help which I am so thankful for. I also visited my student's in a course with Shell at Sutera. They really had a great time. I am happy for them. Now I need to get a move on with another quiz. Tara for now.


linachu said...

hey doc rogue..
errkh..kanapa la tu urg pakai double sided tape kan! hey, jgn terlampau stress my dear...take a breather juga...heard ur good news, congrats! bila la mau pi minum2 ni?

Doc Rogue said...

boleh bah... happy maulidul rasul today Lina... just gimme a ring..

013 8569896. Are you still teaching part time.

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