Thursday, March 20, 2008

To have or not to have house help.

Been soo busy at work and at home recently. The workload at work is neverending, so is the housework. I do not mind the house work. It is something that should be done. However when your kiddo is blaring his voice box in protest because he wants you to sit close to him. Sigh... it is difficult. I can not sit still while looking at my really dusty floor. Unswept for a week this morning. The dishes, the laundry gets done at least. The toilets needs cleaning. Hmmmm.... I have totally given up on cooking dinners for myself. As long as my Kiddo gets to eat I am happy.

Pros and cons of having a house help.
The good thing about having a help is that you get loads of help with dinner, house cleaning and my kiddo gets enough attention too. If I did not work. I would be able to cope with housecleaning and caring for my kiddo. But work is such a huge added stress for me.
The bad thing about help is that, at times they may hurt your kiddo, they might steal, one has to send and pick them up as they wish, buy food which they can eat. It is also an added person to care for, especially with really young inexperienced girls who can't even manage to watch themselves so they don't get hurt. On top of everything, they will leave the job with you as they please and you are left in chaos on where to send your kiddo. The inconsistency is really bad for my Kiddo. He gets stressed. I like things to stay constant for him. Really do.

Pros and cons of sending my kiddo to nursery.
The advantages of sending my kiddo to nursery is that he gets a lot of friends. He will eventually find it not such a hell to be parted from his mom and dad. It is a constant thing.
However the disadvantages are that he gets stressed during the first few weeks. The tantrums he throws are out of this world. We are barely coping with the housework and he gets very little attention from me when most of the time I spend at home is doing housecleaning.

So in conclusion, I would really love a good dependable help. But I think if I get used to this housecleaning, juggling giving attention to my Kiddo and my office work. I would be able to cope. I think my work will have to be sacrificed though. I need to do a lot of reading and writing using out of office time if I wanted to be good in research. At the moment I am barely coping with preparing lecture notes for my new classes. I really feel run down. Honestly. Life is amazingly chaotic for me now. I am struggling to make things simple. However that is evading me. Hope time will give me an answer. With another one coming, being tired is a norm. I do not know how I am coping and how I will cope.


osindak said...

hi rach! dui gia.. you really need someone to help you lah. Bukan yang stay in pun ok bah, as long as she comes in once or twice a week to do the laundry, etc. weekendlah yang ngam. And you'll be there at home juga kan, so you yang supervise the helper la(o;

Doc Rogue said...

Zan, thanks for the advice. I am also thinking of getting the weekend help.

Just the laundry, the toilets and sweeping and mopping kan.

Okay la.. I should put up a notice at my taman.. I might get someone who does not mind doing part time work.. What are the rates ya? I wonder

Tracie Ramsey said...

the other thing u could do is prepare some food, divide them into meal portions and freeze them. That way, when u don't have the time to cook etc, there's always something in the freezer.

chegu carol said...

Hey rach, you know, if u're interested my MIL has this cleaning lady coming to the house every Tuesday. She is also cleaning one of my aunt's house but not sure what day lah. She spend the whole day cleaning the house from top to bottom and if im not mistaken my MIL paid her less than RM50 per day work. I can help ask if you really want.

Doc Rogue said...

Thanks Tracie and Carol. I do that for my Son's meals. I think I will start doing that when I do get the weekend cleaners. Carol unfortunately I live in Inanam and I am guessing your MIL is in Penampang. Does the cleaner mind travelling over to Inanam? :) I want someone who can come over on their own. But I really appreciate the help.

Anonymous said...

Hello Rachel, this is Tara.

First of all, congratulations on expecting another baby. Hope all is well with you.

I understand your situation and have been there too. The cleaning at home, no one to help. And then have to cope with work sumore, For the past year I rarely had time to keep my house organised and tidy. And true also what you say about house helper, you really need to trust your househelper especially in taking care of your child. We had a bad experience with our previous househelper who worked with us for less than 3 months. I especially couldn't tolerate on her jaga-ing my daughter and what she fed her. I dread to think how she cared for Kendra when I went to work and before we let her go, we found out she actually took things from our house i.e clothes accessories.

Part time helpers are good too. When we were staying in Bundusan, we hired a part-time cleaner to clean our house from morning till noon. We paid RM30 for her services. I dun know whether or not she does areas like Inanam but she does go as far as Likas last time she told me. If you are interested, I still have her number with me :).

Take care

osindak said...

hi rach, some charge RM20 but ada juga RM30 oh... i suppose should be ok lah kalau dorang punya kerja bagus kan...

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