Friday, March 28, 2008

VVT-i vs DVVT. Huh? : A Dumb Undercover Blonde's Guide to Car Engine Technology.

To tell you the truth, although I am an engineer, I do not have the slightest understanding about car technology. I am totally dumb in this area. So the normal thing to do is Google it. So I googled "what is the difference between DVVT and VVT-i" and found a good source in

According to the website DVVT or it's full name Daihatsu Valve Variable Timing is based (copycat) on Daihatsu mother company Toyota engine, which is VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing - intelligence). They believe that DVVT is just VVT-i's engine brand name for Daihatsu cars.

Both DVVT and VVT-i is designed for fuel efficiency. Basically a 1.3l should be able to perform like a 1.5 engine due to better combustion at high rpm (revolution of engine, higher gear). In short more power for less fuel. CHEAPER! Hmmm... What really happens is that the valve timer shifts the time of opening of the valve a little bit earlier than normal engines. The higher the rpm the earlier it opens and hence better combustion

Rating according to best fuel efficiency, MyPerodua would says "i-DSI would be the best choice. For power, Vtec is the best.. and DVVT and VVT-i is in between those two".

Further information
This engine does not work on early valve timing but, Honda put two spark plugs on each piston to burn the fossil more efficiently. These spark plugs however have the main and secondary plugs. The main plugs usually sparks first, followed by the secondary plugs to burn the remaining gas in the chamber.

This works in a similiar way to VVT-i and DVVT but different in that what actually happens is that the valve intake opens longer than normal. Allowing more air to come into the combustion chamber. The more air in the chamber, the more efficient the fuel burns.

I thank myprotwo on the website now I am not dumb in this area anymore. This was brought on by the fact that I would really like to buy a new car but I want a technologically advanced engine. What is technology for if you don't use it. By the way a Kancil does not have this technology. I think the Kelisa has it.

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David Levy said...

Thanks for the post - you may be a "blonde" in terms of cars, but that was a really well explained analysis. Since hanging around a few car enthusiasts, I'm finding I need to "research" in order to be able to compete at the conversational table. So, thanks again;)

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