Thursday, April 10, 2008

I found my dreamcar

What is my dream car you ask? Something small, safe, sporty, a lot of space for people and a lot of fun.

At first I could not see anything I wanted in the market along these lines. In my financial range at the moment I could afford the Toyota Avanza. So that was what I was aiming for initially. Now. Hmmm I would say it was love at first sight. I can not get this car out of my mind. I will now have to really work hard for it. It is miles more expensive than the Avanza but I really do not like the van look. :( What a pity because on the money view it is perfect.

However I have a chance to increase my pay within the next month. There is a government exam which I can take. If I score top marks for that. I would surely be able to get an increment. That brings me well into the range of being able to afford the car. This is such a happy moment for me. Just have to work harder in getting that extra pay and maybe do more part time jobs.

Hah. A little voice is warning me of the dangers of going for something which pushes the budget. hmmm. Not another dilemma. Just look at this baby. Hmmmm. I don't have to ask you if you think the Avanza can compete with this.


linachu said...

VERY nice!! definitely blows away the avanza by kilometers! hehe..Good luck with the good la you, rajin mau sit for the, i was a total rebel!

Doc Rogue said...

hahahah.. mana rajin... tamak duit ada la.. hahha.. thanks lina.. the Rush Rush song keeps on playing in my head.. hahah

According to laws of attraction. I need to imagine myself driving the car already. So been doing that for two days already. The self aligning is by getting the right pay. hahah.. I hate exams as well. I promised that I will never have to sit for any exam again back in UMIST after the last paper. Then I did masters. Then I promised again that was the last exam ever. Never again.

Lesson to learn here is Never say Never.

Kampung Girl said...

hi rachhhh...santik ni kereta, songkuro ilo? hehe with your hardwork and dedication, you'll get it no problem!
miss you lots dear! xx

SOOBESTA said...

hope you have not bought it.. an insider from Toyota told me 'not to buy this car'.. (??)

Anonymous said...

hi, just found your blog, interesting. I think better think back b4 u want to buy that car, why dont you save up more and go for the new suzuki 4wd, more stylish, at first i am so excited when toyota launch 'rush' but after doing some surveys and comparison i think u better wait for the next upgrade model.

:) just my opinion.

Doc Rogue said...

Dear Faine
Your advice is well appreciated. I also like suzuki's. The very first car I drove around long distant was a suzuki. The first car which I had an accident in was a Suzuki. However, the new suzuki car will take ages to come, the parts are not as widely available in Sabah as Toyota, and the second hand value of a Toyota keeps all over the world. Maybe in the future, I can still afford another car if I wanted to sell this one after 3 years. No problem I will look into Suzukis.

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