Sunday, April 20, 2008

A pack of Kit Kat.

:) my other half gave me a pack of Kit Kat two weeks ago. Hmmm I took it as a sign that I needed a break. Where to go? What to do?

Bali.. yahoooooo... cheap flight. Gorgeous beachside hunks. Get a crazy sun tan. Party and drink all night! Or sit under a shade and read a book. Snog a gorgeous fling. HAHAHHAHAH I am dreaming. Been there done that. Sigh.

Instead. I chose to go for a personal retreat at Kaingaran, Tambunan called Pusat Pertapaan Karmel. Why the religious type of break? My life recently had undergone so much changes. I metamorphosised from a single, happy go lucky crazy 20 something to this settled, married, troubled 30 something mother, teacher and pregnant lady. Calls for a change. It calls for a simple spiritual rejuvenation of the spirit. I did not expect much except from my memory of Bundu Tuhan Retreat about 8 years ago. Where I found a peaceful place with a lot of beautiful views and lots of talking youths, was good for the soul.

However, this place is different though. They had Brothers and also Sisters. They have prayers. They have a place for you to lay your head to rest and everyone does not talk very much. A lot of time to reflect. Which I did accompanied by a very good book The 8 stages of life. They would also give a good counsel. This is not professional counsellings like those you get with Shrinks. Which if you expect would get you disappointed. However it provided me with another way. Coupled with existing self counseling practice, Sister Emma gave me prayer and Jesus to help me. Watch it. I sound like those religious extremist you might say. I beg you to differ. When presented with a big problem try every avenue to solve your problem. At least this way is guided and not full of potholes. They say don't knock it till you try it. Been running around in my head for years to solve this personal problem. I finally found the answer. Pray and trust in the Lord Jesus. :)

Still working on the mental housekeeping, added with prayers and Lord Jesus I hope to become unstuck. Bless the Lord.


Jessica said...

Good and hapy for u chal....Have faith and trust in GOd...everything had been laid out for us.....everything will be fine if we are strong in faith...Praise God above : )

osindak said...

Praise God, Rach! No one else can 'carry' us through life except Him. *hugs*

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