Tuesday, April 8, 2008

To move to room 78 or stay in room 10?

I am in a dilemma.

First of all my office floor tiles need to be relaid. Bummer! I love my room. I was told I have to empty it for almost a week. What is a pregnant lady to do?

Someone whispered to me to move to a larger room on the level 2 of our building. Hmmm that is a thought. A bigger room. More space. For tiny me. Ponder... ponder.. ponder. However I was never a person to ponder without action. So I went to get the room lock picked. You would want to ask why? This is because the room key was lost and nobody wanted to bother getting a locksmith to open the door. So I did and I found out the room is big and has a very very nice view of the sunset. Lovely... Still I wanted to be really sure. This will be the room which will almost be like a second home. After all I will be living in it 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for about 20-30 years. Hmmm. I feel like I am choosing a husband.. Ha ha ha ha ha. I wish I did this much research before I married my husband. Ha ha ha ha. Those who know me will know what I mean. :) Wink wink wink.

The downside of the room is that it had flooded twice within the past one year. Because the broken water tank lies above another room on level 3 which is above my room. Is that bad Feng Shui? I need a Feng Shui Master quick. Can I change the Chi of the room somehow? If yes, how?

I will ponder again. Maybe I will move myself there temporarily and have the choice to return to my office once my floor tiles have been fixed. Maybe I will do that. :) And if I end up liking the room then I do not have to move back to room 10.

Oh well. We shall see what the future holds and what comments I get on this.


Lynda said...

That's a good question to ask before you sign up for a new office - is the Feng Shui energy going to help me or hurt me? Right now, it sounds like the problem of the leaking pipes has probably been fixed, so you should be fine. If you're still concerned, just make sure to balance out the present water energy with other elements. Come to www.ArtOfPlacement.com for tips you can use.

Doc Rogue said...

great advice.. cheers

linachu said...

Room 78 sounds good..maybe just recheck if the water leak has been fixed

Doc Rogue said...

yup the water leak has been fixed. :) hopefully it does not break again. hah.

Rem said...

Unless you have a very good reason to move (misalnya, BIg Boss mau buang kalau ndak mau pindah!) -- my advice is, don't! :)

Saya pun sudah hantar borang permohonan untuk kursus. Hopefully, I can join you and Yasmin. So.. bolehlah lagi kita study sama-sama. I'll make sure this time.. saya ndak gagal! :)

Doc Rogue said...

hahah napa jangan pindah? the floor tiles in my room have to be replaced.. semuanya.. if not i might trip and fall. so still have to move out for a week.

p/s wow.. bestnya.. good la you are in the same class. Nasib min sempat get you to join. Good dont fail.. lagi Rem.. score la.. tidak rugi... sebab dari P1 jadi P2.. besar tu melintang. $$$$ cheng cheng.. godoot duit.. hahah by the way.. ada gossip PTK will be removed.

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