Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Apple of My Eye

Me and the Apple iPhone. I already see it in my hands. Hmmm... (hoping that "the secret" laws of attraction works).

First and foremost the iPhone is an electronic organizer or daytimer. Other types of organiser can be more expensive than this. I have always needed an electronic organiser but I need to save money as I have mentioned earlier and using paper and pen looked the economical. Yet after two years of working, I have learned that time flies by you so quickly and a yearly diary runs out too quickly. I lose so much information and I do not have the time to transfer all my information from one book to another. Which will be solved if I get myself an electronic organiser.

On top of that "the iPhone have combined three products—a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod® with touch controls, and a breakthrough Internet communications device with desktop-class email, web browsing, searching and maps—into one small and lightweight handheld device."

It is a dream for me. Suits my lifestyle u see.. I work, I need self organisation and I want to be on the internet as well as listen to songs wherever and whenever. Furthermore, it is like a mini computer, I can compose letters or parts of a paper. Do basic spreadsheeting. I can always answer my emails at airports or on the trains when I am travelling (for I foresee myself having to do this in the near future for a long time). It does not hurt that it has a camera, but I prefer a proper camera for those. I appreciate that it is useful in viewing photos. Coz I love to look at photos of my Kiddo and future Baby when I am taking a break from work. Yikes I sound like a Yuppie Mother that's an oxymoron if there was ever one. Oh and you can view movies on this 3.5inch screen. Yahoo.

This item does have it's disadvantages you know. Like you can only have songs on it if you have an iTunes account (I dont care I can get an iTunes account it will not kill me). Apparently the internet connection is slow (Hmm worrying). The price is too high (it is cheaper than the normal organizer). The last snag is that it is the first of its kind, usually they need a few to smooth over these creases.

Hmmm.. I will dream on.. maybe I will get that BAND 4 for this PTK exam. *wink*wink Then I will get that pay increase. Hmmm... and waiting is always good. Maybe the price will go lower or the next version of iPhone will be better. Who knows.


Kampung Girl said...

I have got my hands on the iphone too and drooled over it when it first came out. But so expensivelah and plus the monthly rental from £35 ...bloodyhell...and it's only with O2...i like to keep my number with vodafone. I had a loooooooong think about getting them or not (when the price is lower) and i decided not to get it anyway. Due to my past history, i seemed to lose mobile imagine if i lose this one, sakit hati habis oh! And lagipun, i like to take pics on a camera, i have a Sat Nav now, and a wicked ipod classic and i rather check my emails on a big laptop instead. Tapi, kalau kana kasi free, of course terima saja-lah kan.

Doc Rogue said...

hahaha.. ah Mae tu la sia sambayang mau harap-harap it drops onto my lap one fine day.. ah.. wow.. mahal juga sana tu... it seems cheap if compared to the usual HP organiser or other brands la.

Yup I forgot to mention the sat nav.. hmm in KK. Do you really need a satnav?

BZ sia trying to get top marks for this one exam.. it can help me get more $$$.. cross my fingers..

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