Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A call from an unfamiliar person...

The salesman called me yesterday and when his name appeared at first I was surprised and wondered who this person was. Then a chill ran through me cause it dawned on me that my car was here. Oh my God! Thank you. Thank you. I am just so excited. I could not stop screaming. I will be able to drive my car by this Friday. Can you believe it? My car is 2 months early. God must love me very much. I thank him for His grace over and over again.

I am so happy, I am over the moon about this. I am thinking of my new car registration number. I think I found the perfect one. Hopefully I get it. We shall see. Everything is done. The loan agreement has been signed, the downpayment cleared, insurance set and lastly the car registration number. Oooh. I am so happy.

Come to mama baby rush. This news came to me on the eve of my PTK exam. How did I manage to concentrate in studying. I tell you eeet wuzzzz veeerry ard. Ha ha ha ha. I just kept on repeating to myself if I do not want to suffer paying for the monthly cost of the car I should really score a Band 4 for this exam, I grew to become sooo stressed. Mrs Telipok said to me this morning, "you look stressed". I was. Hmmm very very stressed. My baby kept on kicking inside of me. My body ached everywhere. I could not retain any information at all. I felt like my brain was a sieve. However I regained some kind of fighting spirit and did not give up. I practiced all morning up the the exam time at two pm. My exam finally ended at five. I was so relieved. It is all over. I survived. I still have to write my reports but I should rest now. :)

I did it and my rush is rushing to me.
There is no better feeling than this.


maizura said...

Wah wah wah...u deserve it! :) Hope u pass ur PTK dgn jayanya.

Doc Rogue said...

Thank Mai, :) I hope so too.

sitihasnah said...

we've done it, rach. I think you deserve a band 4. All the hard works.. all the stressful week and cant sleep at night to prepare the speeches.. it's a mental and physical torture, really.. but at last.. abis sudah PTK 3!

Doc Rogue said...

memang we all deserve it.. I never saw a group of people put so much effort into something they dont like doing.. hahaha... I still can't sleep well nowadays.. i think i may still be stressed.

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