Thursday, May 1, 2008

Can't expect nerds to be funny!

Okay I admit I am a closet nerd. Geek. Whichever you wish to label me. I am boring because I found this page from tce dec 2007/jan 2008. It got forwarded in my email. I do not. I repeat do not ever read forwards but I did not know why I read this one and rolled about on the floor laughing. How sad.
It reminded me of all the days that I spent in the lab. My lab did in fact flood. Due to a rather mysterious unknown dark man who looks a bit like George Clooney but a character to actually booth out the door the instant you see him. Okay he was not all that bad but he definitely pissed off a lot of people.

About my literature review, it is true that it is always crap the first time it is done and it had to be redone. If you find anyone saying that they never had to redo theirs. They are either lying or they have not really grasp an understanding of what research they doing yet.

I did realize early on that what I was doing was NEVER done before and I felt totally alone. Actually I lie. The process equipment had been researched before. About 5 times. However in my own defense it my research was approaching from a very very different angle indeed. It did produce another 4 research grants (a little clap for myself). They LOVE me in my old uni. My nick name was Trouble.

The budget is a normal problem all researchers have. Not having any would make you eternally depressed because no work can be done without money. In spite of that your non existent supervisor (I had three, one was always busy, one was always in the pub and one, bless her, was my saviour) will always say that the best things were found on no financial support at all. Duh beats me where they get their information from.

Yes you end up being a coffee drinker and a computer is an attachment to the ends of your fingers. Yes your method always never worked. One of my supervisor had all four of her experimental method fail on her. Actually you would think this makes a PhD fail but she passed it with the highest qualification (NO CORRECTIONS!) Believe me I think she is a Chem Eng Saint, yet she had a pharmaceutical first degree. RESPECT TO ALL PHARMACIST.

Hmm that brings me to an interesting experience with this one supervisor who I call Dr. Saint. I did not like her one bit when I first saw her. In fact I despised her for being snotty and looking at me down her nose. We were the same age. Then one (what I thought was) unfortunate day. My main supervisor told me that he was getting Dr Saint to be my third and last supervisor. Aiyooooo.. I did not like the person. However I persevered and told myself to be professional. I did manage to irk her initially but I found that by being diplomatic and just plain nice to her. I got on her good side. Now I bless the day that she became my supervisor, she is so brilliant.

There are a lot of things I learned from my PhD. Not only from the academic side but actually on how to deal with people and how to improve my self management habits. Emotionally young before I started but it made me grow tremendously. I fell in love with the people I worked with. I will never forget all the people of Brumland Chem Eng Dept of 2001-2007. They remain still close to my heart and my thoughts.

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