Thursday, May 8, 2008


I was sitting at a coffee shop with KIL (kakak in law aka Sister-in-law) having a chat and marking the exam papers when a lovely old American tourist came over and said the unbelievable. Guess what he said? I could not believe my ears as well.

He said, "you are very beautiful, do you have a boyfriend?" My dear I am sooo pregnant. Was this old American man blind? So I replied to him with a smile and showing my bulging 6 month bump, "I am actually pregnant." And he asked, "Was it planned or unplanned?" Oh mio dio.... Cheeky old man. I answered, "yes it was planned".

Hmmm that left me flabbergasted and flattered. I smile widely. It was truly hilarious. KIL and I shared a hearty laugh at that incident.

Nevertheless, although this old American tourist was the first to actually come up to me to tell me I was beautiful. But it is not the first time I felt well... simply flattered by people who silently stare at me as if I was the most beautiful thing they ever saw. The first person who I noticed doing that was my Aunty Jambu Muda's friend Pete Hansen (still a pseudonym). He just stared at me non-stop. I could not stop staring back because he was himself a very handsome man. But I was really shocked to feel appreciated with just a look. You know those looks which says you are beautiful. Amazing. I think it maybe all the prayers said for me by people who love me and also myself. Maybe God has angels all around me at the moment. Maybe I am pregnant and it is the glow of pregnancy. Sigh*** I am so utterly surprised. I have not even put on any facial cream or make up.

At breakfast there was one guy who placed himself in front of me and stared at me throughout breakfast and came over to get an ashtray from my table when there were other ashtrays on other tables. Hmmmm.... Yeah another guy also stared at me non-stop at the coffeeshop just after I had lunch and was just sitting around marking the exam papers. I am certainly starting to get paranoid. LOL. Not that I do not appreciate being appreciated but it is a bit scary to be stared at all the time.

It is a normal occurrence to be a tourist in another country and be stared at. But to be stared at in your own backyard. Hmmm... weird. Anyhoo, I will look on the positive side and be glad that people make me feel that I am beautiful and appreciated even when I feel like a fat whale at the moment. It makes me think this Baby inside of me will be a beautiful girl or a handsome boy. :) Ahhh.. a what a lovely idea.

My mom used to tell me why she named me my name. During her pregnancy with me, people did not stop coming up to her to tell her she was beautiful and she looked like a particular actress called Raquel Welch. Pictured below from the movie "One Million Years B.C. (1966)". My mother must have been a looker when she was young. She is still beautiful now but imagine she had a pair of jeans of size 23 after giving birth to me at 24. I wish I did grow up to look like Raquel Welch. Wink*Wink* my students will never be able to study. However I was born a big fat baby at 4.2 kg and was the ugliest of my sisters. :) Really I am not being modest. My sisters are all beautiful.

Anyhoo gives me a smile to think if this baby is a girl. Aw she would break hearts everywhere. And if it is a boy then, I better make sure he does not turn out like MOH and be a good man to a very lucky woman. Oh little baby of mine, boy or girl, ugly or beautiful, I just pray to God you have health and you come safely into this world. I love you, you are my healer.


Anonymous said...

I won't blame the guys that keep staring at you. I used to admire ur sister Charlene (how to spell oredi ah) and stare at her pretty face :D Kirim salam sm dia ah hehe

The old tourist you mention, i'm sure that he did notice your bulging tummy. In American, it is a normal thing when unmarried woman get pregnant. I think he put you into American way of life. Since you are pregant and your husband was not around, coupled with the quetion he asked you, he probably assumed that you are a single mother. Dia pok-pok daa mau jaga ko mangkali bah tu hehehe...

Tracie said...

you were 4.2 kg at birth?!?!?Kesian ur mama... patutlah Mikey pun basar.

Boy/girl, am sure u'll have a looker of a baby, like its mum.

Jessica said...

haaaha, funny kan when u hear all ds compliment....d funniest during my pregnancy of 7 mths beyul o ko nie kan...cantik o.....n i imeediately answered...tq uncle n im 7 mths pregnant ni...tu uncle diam ja...heeeehe

Doc Rogue said...

Oh Ornest you know my sister too.. I will send your regards to her. Definitely :)by the way.. no wonder he said Planned or Unplanned? I was wondering you want to kahwin me ka if not planned? hahaha so funny, should have been cheeky and gave that answer.

Jess, Trace.. cheers semua pregnant ladies are beautiful. The body which carries and gives life.

Rem said...

Rach, 'orang kita' mimang cantik-cantik bah. :) Kalau kau masuk Unduk Ngadau (kategori mama la!), mesti bulih menang.

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