Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Labour Day!

I am a labourer. I laboured everyday since I returned from my studies. Recently I labour over exam papers. Woo hoo.. So I took a break today! I deserve a holiday.

I hope everyone else enjoyed their labour day as much as I did. My other half and I went for an early breakfast at my favourite Tj aru Kon Lau Mee. I do not know why I keep on going back there when I know I will only get to sit after shooing people off their table before they are ready and that I only get served an hour after I have ordered. I order at the counter not when I am sat down. Hmmm but I love the texture of their noodles and they way they mix this particularly yummy breakfast.

Then we went to pick up our kiddo, (yes we decided to leave him home so we can focus on enjoying our food) to visit his cousin at my parent's place. Seeing the two children play brought joy to my heart. :) What I mean by playing is fighting over toys. My sister's little girl is a very tiny dictator who I will christen as Lady Dictator. She would not let My Kiddo touch any of her toys. Would show off to get My Kiddo's attention only to get him upset by shoving him off the toys. They would end up wrestling each other. Sigh... Children. How fast do they grow up and start being those screaming teenagers we often see and cringe at. Hmmm... I do not claim mine would be any better or perfect. In fact he might be a terror to me for the rest of my life. So I will treasure these days. :) Hoping that he will grow up to be a lovable teen.

By half past ten, I was quick to tell my other half that we need to leave for the cinema. Early? not too early. The Iron Man started at 11.50 am. Ferrying My Kiddo back to my in laws was a must to again get to enjoy the next activity. I am crazy about Robert Downey Jr. There I said it. I have always been secretly loving his bad habits and bad attitude since I saw him in Ally McBeal. I hate the fact that I love bad boys. It teases the shit out of me. Hah... explains most of my pain nowadays, which I have fixit for. Anyhoo I am at peace with myself and I understand my weakness. Getting back to the movie. I of course loved it. It is perfect. I never really followed Iron Man until MOH introduced it to me last year in the cartoon version. I am more of an X-men and Spiderman fan. I never heard of Iron Man until my MOH. But the story line really rocks my world. I am a gadget nut. I loved inspector gadget and now with Iron Man I go gaga.

After the wonderful movie, MOH and I picked up our Kiddo and went for a picnic with his cousin and you know the day is just perfect.

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