Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

To all Mothers. Happy Mother's day.

I heard from the radio that there was a research done on how much a Mother should get paid if there was something like that. They should get 30K per year. That is for being a cook, house cleaner, carer and at times a psychologist. :)

It is hard. I work but I also feel for the mothers who are homemakers. I salute you. I cared for my very sick son for one week at home and the work just does not end for mothers.

I am not belittling working mothers for running away from the original responsibilities. I am one myself. I am just saying we should appreciate each other wherever we may be.

A mother is a lover to the husband, a house cleaner, a laundry person, a cook, a dishwasher, a carer, a milk making machine, a seamstress, a first aider, a counselor, a giver of life, a DIY expert, and in our some places usually the Breadwinner.

Thank you moms for having superhuman strength to do all these. If your kids are still young and nobody thought of giving you a nice Mother's Day. Do it yourself. Bring yourself to the saloon, have a treat, a massage, a facial, go shopping, eat ice-cream (Vedablu.. nice rum and raisin for those having a tendency for alcohol.. like me), buy yourself a cake or that pair of shoe. But above all, don't stay at home and fret. Smile and love yourself because you are special. :)


linachu said...

Happy Mother's Day to you my dear.
Milk making's a mommy's superpower!

Doc Rogue said...

I know.. :) Happy Mother's day Lina

insane mama said...

Happy Mothers Day!

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