Friday, May 2, 2008

Kidnapping, rape and death.

This things are worst situations than the one I am in. So I thank God for my safety and my family's safety. But God please forgive me for asking. Why did you let this happen to a girl so young, so much ahead of her and so innocent? It would not have been so bad if you took her from us. BUT did she have to go through that ordeal just before she dies? I do not know how she died but I just heard it from a friend. There are no news coverage which can confirm its truth. So much questions going through my head. Did she die from internal wounds? Did her terrible ordeal drive her to commit suicide?

Two weeks ago, on a dinner with Dr Herbal Malteser and Shell Lady, we heard that a UMS student got kidnapped in Kingfisher. My thoughts immediately went to praying for her safety and that she does not get raped. It seems my prayer was not heard. Furthermore it seemed that she went through a truly horrific ordeal. An experience even the worst type of criminal did not deserve to get. Why? Why? Why? It is an unfair world. It is not a just world. I said to MOH once upon a time ago, that when the big people take corruption money they get richer and the poorer get poorer. Innocent lives will be victimized. This things that happened are what I meant then.

This morning I saw two policemen at a junction coming out of Kg Sugud. Later on I received a call from MOH that a friend of his had just been murdered. The policemen are trying to catch the murderers. This is also another Syabu related crime. Oh I can get angry, frustrated and curse all I want. But something serious needs to be done. The government, the community and everyone. We need to do something!

One thing can be setting up a committee to think of firstly how these things had escalated from just Syabu to death, rape and kidnappings, secondly foolproof methods to identify the critical points of which these problems could have been stopped and lastly implementation.

It sounds so easy. But no one and no one dares to start solving the problem. Because it falls to who's job is it to start and who's job is it to initiate, pointing fingers and avoiding the responsibility. Grrrr... I simmer in anger. Imagine this problems are due to that easy money, that under table money, that small amount of duit kopi and that vote that you get. Please someone wake up. It might be your daughter, your brother, your son, your mother or your father next.


Rem said...

Crime and illegal immigrants are the biggest problems in Sabah; and it seems that the government hadn't done anything for the last 20 years or so. If this problem persists (and no effective measures taken) -- either I pray that every single politician in Sabah got someone in his/her family raped-and-brutally murdered (so, they would know the pain!) OR I would launch a life-time campaign for the opposition to take over.

Percaya atau tidak, sesetengah ahli politik (even menteri) terlibat dengan aktiviti jenayah. They even protect the syabu industry and illegal immigrants. And these are the roots for 90% of the evil things happened in Sabah. I'm totally convinced that our political will to fight these issues is rated from none to zero. I hope all these policy-makers will be burnt in hell. Eternally.

Oppps, am I over-reacting? :) [Marah bah! Saya pernah kena mug lagi di bandar KK siang-siang buta oleh pilak-pilak banjingan!]

Doc Rogue said...

Rem that is what I mean by mentioning the rich get richer (politicians) the poorer get poorer and the innocent get victimized. Memang you have a right to get bloody pissed off. I am pissed off too. When you mention it to anyone here in Sabah. No one wants to stand up and be actively doing things to stop this. Everyone scarily accepts that this is the world we live in now and we are HELPLESS IN CHANGING it.

The problem is even the pembangkang do not know what to do about this. It is not right and something needs to be done fast.

If one of these politician's close family members become a victim. Then maybe someone will see changes. It is because it happens to nobodies that it is accepted as normal.

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