Monday, May 12, 2008

My Christmas and Birthday wish!

It would be to early to state this but I am all ready to get my hands on this hot baby from Apple.

I have been keeping my eyes close from the moment I decided to become a mother of two. Let's face it children cost a lot. This is why, I have not purchased anything electronic since 2006 except for my laptop (which is important for work), and it is now 2008. Poor me... I am a techie girl gone on a diet. I need new techie stuff to keep me vibrant and alive. LOL. Okay I am exaggerating. I can live without these gadgets but what is a Sagi Techie girl suppose to do? I can hear myself singing the Janice Joplin song "Oh lord won't you buy me an Apple iPhone, my friends all have cool phones, mine's from the last ICE AGE. Worked hard all my life time, no help from my other half", ha ha ha ha.

Oh well, a girl can have her dreams and wishes. A mother needs to put her wants and need aside. Hmmmm... aw.... I will keep on dreaming. It never hurt anybody. Maybe if I save on shopping for clothes and shoes this year. Wait I don't buy those either. Hmmm Maybe there will be a big bonus for government servants this year. Yahoo. :) But then again with the present problems and government over expenditure on a trip to Space. I doubt it.

It will remain a dream unless My God would hear my prayers. :)


linachu said...

My hubby drools over the iPhone too!
I would settle for an Ipod Touch though :)

osindak said...

I wish kita dapat bonus!! (tapi macam mo tapun saja tu...)

Jessica said...

chal, sia suah nampak d iphone tu wth leslie...2mp ja gia tu....doi, not sure whether should i purchase it or tho d functions but d camera bah..small and cannot zoom or so whatever lagi tu....tkut me menyesal if i do purchase it......

Doc Rogue said...

Ha ha ha.. Lina, I feel for fellow gadgetians... Jess this phone was not built for a camera purpose, not small and cute or beautiful... However
I love it to bits... It is a dream come true.. and Christmases and Birthdays all rolled into one.

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