Sunday, May 4, 2008

Words from My Kiddo

To date at 17 months My Kiddo can say 4 words clearly and understand what they mean. Albeit the rest of the time he "mogulambang" (meaning he is doing this trial and error pronunciations). He is quite a talkative toddler in terms of baby talk. Talks all the time, we brought him to a picnic and another kid actually told him to literary shut up. Hmmm.

His four words are, mama (me or his dad), momom (food), nenen (milk bottle) and main-main (play). Cool eh? Oh and he calls everyone else Eah, his cousin's name is Leah. Precious.


maizura said...

At 18 mths, my daughter speaks her own language oso. funny at times, i can only understand few words. should we worrry ka? umur brp bah can start talking?

Doc Rogue said...

Don't worry Mai... some kids take longer. I think our colleague LCF said he only started talking at 4 years old. And look at how intellectual he is now. So it does not necessarily decide if our kid is smart or stupid. Just give her stimulation so her brain can develop the connections between the neurons and synapses. This is what is more important.

linachu said...

Yep, agree with you Rach. Wat's important is we talk to them (and not baby talk), sooner or later they will start to pick it up. Now I can't seem to remember when Yasmin actually started talking...but it really picked up around 18 mths la...

and also, i heard on radio tat supposedly letting toddlers under 2 yrs watch tv is not good for their development. I think that is sooo not true! yasmin learnt so many words from watching playhouse disney! and good words too...very surprising the words that come out of her mouth. But plahouse disney is a good one..kalau nickelodeon and astro ceria tu, sometimes got lots of violence and bad words..

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