Monday, June 23, 2008

My Rush to find My Baby Gender

Two in one story today..

I have not been blogging recently because I am always so tired. Damn. Wish I had superpowers. No feeling of tiredness will ever visit me. I will do a lot of things in half the time. Yahoo.

Anyhoo... I found out that my Rush cost me about RM95 to fill up to full tank this morning. Not bad. I filled it up a week ago today. That is soooo much cheaper that that Junk of a Merc my other half makes me drive to work before. It used to cost me RM20 per day monday to friday. Ha ha ha ha. And that was with the cheaper cost of petrol. Imagine. So glad I got my new car. With the cost of petrol nowadays it pays to have a better fuel consumption.

I drive from Kg to UMS and my milage per day would be around 77Km. That is without the drive to have lunch in KF. Coz since I am preggers now. I find that a lot of lovely friends offer to drive for lunch. Goodie...

Soon I will be investing in more CDs maybe when my YOUNGER SON is 2 months of age I will look for more CDs Deana E. :) Yup.. I have another Son. My Boys will play futsal with their mother. hahahha Cool. I can not wait. I had hopes for a girl but either way it would still be a blessing. I pray that this one will be as healthy as My Kiddo.

That is all for now. Catch you tomorrow when the day is not so blue.


Kampung Girl said...

hello m'dear. ndah lama lagi mau meletup sudah..Congratulations on having another boy! You take good care of yourself ok. miss you lots xxx

Doc Rogue said...

thanks... banyak boy saya sikarang.. hahahah.. this baby now kicks a lot ooh.. sengsara my perut... I hope tia and anya are okay..

Miss you too

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