Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Panic Frenzy for Oil

Okay who is to blame for that really really bad timing text message?

Did you bother running to your car and queuing up for gas?

Most Sabahans did and embarrassed themselves on National TV....

I myself can not for the life of me rush and queue to get petrol. Too pregnant, tired, frustrated with the oil prices and government policies. Anything more is going to push me over the edge. I am happy to just sit and think about how my baby will be born. :) yeah I like that.

As I was trying to catch a much needed rest, I got a text from my Kakak the 1st to rush to the gas station to fill up gas before the gas station goes on strike today. I was thinking, no point to go now. The queue would be ginormous (gigantic+enourmous). I would survive another ten days without gas and if I don't have anymore gas I would just stay in the house and not go to work. Not five minutes later a call from a friend. Hmmm thanks for the concern (I love you, please don't be offended if you read this) but I really would have loved an interrupted rest.

I should have turned off my handphone and unplugged the phone line. Guess what was next, the phone rang again a third time. I was almost close to screaming but it was a good news call. I finally got my senior lecturership (with conditions of course! Need to pass my PTK 3 with at least a Band 3). Yahoo. Now I really can not sleep. Gave up on resting and went to the general office. The whole office was in an uproar about getting petrol for their cars. I smiled and quietly walked to the toilet. Why would I want to subject myself to more lost of petrol by queuing up for the gas station. That is a huge waste of gas. Bad for the environment and it MAKES ME SICK to see how people can become soo rude and low. It is an ugly fact that when faced with a sticky situation most people's ugliest side come out.

Which I noticed when I went to get my petrol rebate. I thought I would cut queue by telling the post office teller that I was heavily pregnant and could not stand too long. Except that the people in the queue looked like they could kill me if I did so. Luckily my friend told me to sit and and she would queue up for me. However another queuing person asked "why can't she stand for herself". Aiyooh... I was brimming with frustration at that... he did not even noticed that i was huffing and puffing. Stupid people. Ignorant Malaysians. Very very very rude. When I got to the front my friend told the teller that she was standing for me because I was pregnant. He asked why I had not told him. I explained and he sighed sadly. He said it is so sad that it is actually happening. Money or oil makes people go crazy. He said during the last oil price hike. A man and a woman were having a fist fight because of the petrol. Funny huh.

Sad but funny.

I would like to say to Sabahans. Remember whenever there is a time of difficulty try to calm down and think rationally. Your safety is most important. Furthermore try not to follow the mob reaction because the mob usually does not have a head and that is the recipe for danger. Just be mellow. Unless a bomb is about to hit us. Then calmly look for the safest place to be.

At the age of 10 I remember getting stampeded on because there was a rush out of music class. I think I almost died then. But I learned a good lesson no good rushing or panicking. Just be safe and keep a rational head on.


Yasmin said...

Hi, I'm that friend! hehehehe! So sorry to rob you of much needed rest. I was actually trapped in one such rush at the Shell Sulaman station. I was there to collect my newspaper, so I took the right lane, whizzed past all the waiting vehicles. My intent was to park by the shoulder of the road, outside the station. Guess what, people honked their windpipes hoarse thinking I'm cutting queue. I just took it as them cursing my sanity. I had a good chuckle when I saw their faces seeing me coming out with newspapers, and not a vessel filled to the brim with the "precious" stuff.

Doc Rogue said...

oh min.. hahahah.. dont worry about it.. was just bad timing..

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