Thursday, July 31, 2008

Look out for a Stork carrying a package for Doc Rogue

My second son will be arriving tentatively in one week. I am excited. The same questions again.
Epidural vs Etonox vs au naturale?

Natural vs C-sect?

Excitement vs fear of being confined for1 month? Ha ha ha. I try and cheer myself up with the thought of having my "lihing chicken" and a shot of Dom per day. Hmmmm.

Very busy at the moment with trying to wrap up my lectures and any management reports. I hope to take a break soon after my last lecture. Although I still have to set questions for the exams, I think I will have less to worry about. I can not wait to carry my new born in my arms.

I have been looking at new born photos of My Kiddo. Something we do just before we sleep. I keep on telling him that his brother will look like he used to. Small and in need of a lot of care. He gets this excited look and sometimes touches my tummy. Sweeeet!

I pray that everything goes well. I will try to inform as much people as I can by text when the time comes. :) Meanwhile I will continue blogging when I can. I am so excited. So very excited.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Dark Night

I went for this movie coz I am a kid at heart and love comic strip movies. When I was in Arndale Centre, Manchester I used to dream that Batman really existed and his Batmobile would be the car he would bring me out on dates with. ha ha ha.

However I was seriously shaken. I was scared and MOH was teasing me that it was just a movie. Honestly it was scary. I love Heath Ledger as much as I love Christian Bale. Both are great actors. However both scared the shit out of me. The Joker was really the Joker as Edgar puts it. He nailed it.

I felt scared for Batman for the first time. I was worried and frankly I went to hide in the toilet in some parts coz I could not take the information in. It was not entertaining for me. MOH loved it. Well he is a man. Me I just got what I did not expect. I wanted my Batman comic strip to come alive on the silver screen. I got more than that. It got into my head. Hmmmm maybe I am pregnant. I promise myself the next movie I watch would be a comedy. Seriously!

Friday, July 18, 2008

What was that I just felt?

Contractions. That word is a mystery to me. A lot of people had described it. But with my first son I only had the induced version. Which is really extremely painful very quickly.

Apparently in the natural way. Everyone will experience an increase in contraction pain starting from, acceptable to maybe it is a bit painful and progresses eventually to I can't smile and I can't be a nice person because my body is painful.

Yesterday morning I had slight pain in my lower abdomen. It came an went. Lasted for less than 30 seconds each and at intervals of 2 to 4 minutes. But it was not pain to shout about. I knew it was slight. But it worried me a bit. However there is a name for this mild contractions. They call it Braxton Hicks contraction which is due to the tightening of the uterine muscles in preparation of birth. This is not a common occurrence with all mothers but it does happen. It is thought to be the thinning of the cervix. However it is confusing as some expectant mothers might think they are going into labour.

It can be caused by dehydration. It can be relieved by changing position; taking a warm bath or shower; drinking water; resting; or changing activities.

So in conclusion to that weird experience yesterday. I should drink more water and rest more. I am resting today at home. Canceled class today. Hmm I will have to replace it next week. I doubt I am very near to giving birth. I have 3 weeks to go. I just think I am a tired expectant mother who needs a rest. Anyhoo when I do go into labour. I will definitely blog about that.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Another big baby

I found out yesterday that my baby is now 2.7kg at 36 weeks. Hmmm if I am suppose to gain 500 g per week and half of that goes to the baby. My baby would be 3.7 kg. Oh no.. another big baby. I thought everyone who saw me said my tummy was smaller this time around.

A bit scared and peeved. Sigh* come what may. I just have to watch what I eat. Which I already do. I have guiltily skipped my dinners coz I have been too tired or just want to keep the baby small. Sheesh.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another Waiting Game.

Today is the 9th of July, 2008. I am about a month away from delivering my second son. :) I really can not wait.

My first born was soo much easier to carry. This one is really tiring me and exhausting me. Sigh... I am not complaining but I do feel there is a large difference between these two pregnancies. Maybe my youngest son will give me a lot of sleepless nights, maybe he will not be as big as first one. But I promise I will love him equally.

I have been trying to tell My Kiddo that his Li'l Bro is coming soon. I showed him the scanned photo of his bro's feet and hands. Guess what My Kiddo did after he stared at the scan. He gave a kiss to my huge tummy and gave me a smile. Oh it was a sweet sweet sweet moment.

I wonder how hard it will be to keep My Kiddo from hitting his Li'l Bro out of jealousy. I expect him to be jealous, to be displaced and to feel sad. Yet, I hope most of all that he will see how precious and in need his Li'l Brother will be and to want to try his bestest best to be a good older brother. Fingers are crossed. Wish me luck.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Rush Report!

I have had my rush for a month and a half. I had successfully scratched it thrice. Uwaaaaah.. I am devastated. I noticed the first scratch after sending it for the usual car wash. Hmmm.. never went back to that car wash. The second one was because I answered a phone call from a student who was annoying me. It was out of office hours and my son was very ill. I was rushing to park in front of the clinic. Hmmm. Never going to pick up the phone in dire situations again. The last one was because I had been helping my sister with her assignment because she lasered her eyes and can see much in her healing period. I finished by 4 am and was soo sleepy. Tried to sleep at my parent's house but the electricity went kaput. I decided to go home to my son. As I backed up, I kissed the kelisa's side mirror. Shoot. That happened while tired.

So good advice for myself. Never drive when tired, rushing, worried or send your car to wash to dodgy car washers.

Anyhoo. I finally managed to get my act together and calculate how much mileage the rush does. It was RM0.216 per km. Can you believe that. For 458 km (that is to and fro from Uni to kampung from Monday to Friday and weekend driving). Not bad at all. If you consider 8L/100Km. The merc cost me RM 140 per week and that was with the cheaper cost fuel. Nowadays it cost me RM100 per week with the Rush.

I have also used a few tips for driving with the intent to save on fuel. I was told by Couz Eccentric that one should drive at RPMs lower than 3000. Preferably 2000. I found this to work magically. Furthermore, I personally found out that it is cheaper to avoid rush hour traffic. Slow moving traffic guzzles gas without getting you nowhere. Same as if you were waiting for someone with your engines on. Lastly always look two or three cars ahead. Remove your foot from the fuel pedal, when you see the cars ahead slowing down, ease into a slow glide. Do not stop abruptly. Do not rush to traffic lights. It is safer and cheaper to ease to stop than to quickly accelerate to make that green light.

Anyhoo I summarised these TIPS from a website by a Daviddj

Tip A: Avoid Rush Hour Traffic! Which I found out as well.

Tip B: Keep your RPMs under 3000. Rapid Acceleration wastes gas. Slow and steady acceleration keeps your money in your pocket. You will still end up at the same top speed but less is spent.

Tip C: From Papa John: Regular oil changes will help your gas mileage as friction is reduced with cleaner oil. Maintaining tire air pressure will extend the life of your tire. Better tyre more efficient fuel consumption.


As for a lot of first year students all over the country, last week must have been an eventful time.

I was soo excited to welcome our new first years. Those eager to learn faces. Hmmm soon to be jaded by the hardship of a very trying course. :)

My excitement changed to wonder and then to disappointment. Do not get me wrong. I do feel passionate about teaching these young adults. However there are a few of those who are a bit Duh! "Oh no not this type of students" I sighed to myself. Why so "Skima wan?" (also known as Kiasu attitude or overenthusiastic). Ouch.

Ha ha ha ha. It brought me back to memories of myself. Maybe I was that student as well. I pause to search of memories of me. Ouch again. I was exactly that type of student. ROFL. No wonder Dr. Eevil called me a geek. Oh well. The whole process of going through a degree will soon smooth that one out. Like it did your's truly. Sigh again.

My excitement is back. Wish I did not have to have 2 months maternity leave (I have my own little one soon to care for). I would love to see these young adults grow. Glad to be here for them now.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Purple and yellow

I smiled today when I saw a little yellow bird perching on a tree with purple flowers. I love my new room just for that sight.

I am like a bird - Eagle.. woo hoo..

Your Power Bird is an Eagle
You are spiritual and able to soar to great heights.
You are a true inspiration, and many people look to you for guidance.
And you are quite demanding in relationships... but you're worth it.
People know that you will become even greater than you imagine.

The Keys to Your Life - Shite! truth reverberates.

The Keys to Your Life
Anything good in your life comes from you having the strength to make good decisions.

You know how to assess a situation before you leap into action.

Anything bad in your life comes from fooling yourself or clinging to illusions.

Be strong enough to see the world clearly. Learn from your mistakes.

My Shoe Type - Oh I am common... :)

You Are Sneakers
You are creative, funky, and forward thinking.
You are cool, but you are still approachable.

You are stylish and edgy, but you aren't a slave to fashion.
You tend to put your own spin on trends.

You tend to have a fast paced, busy lifestyle.
Not a lot of people can keep up with you!

You should live: Near nature

You should work: In a job that keeps you on the go

The Sesame Street Personality Quiz - Who would have guessed

You Are Bert
Extremely serious and a little eccentric, people find you lovable - even if you don't love them!

You are usually feeling: Logical - you rarely let your emotions rule you

You are famous for: Being smart, a total neat freak, and maybe just a little evil

How you live your life: With passion, even if your odd passions (like bottle caps and pigeons) are baffling to others