Friday, July 11, 2008

Another big baby

I found out yesterday that my baby is now 2.7kg at 36 weeks. Hmmm if I am suppose to gain 500 g per week and half of that goes to the baby. My baby would be 3.7 kg. Oh no.. another big baby. I thought everyone who saw me said my tummy was smaller this time around.

A bit scared and peeved. Sigh* come what may. I just have to watch what I eat. Which I already do. I have guiltily skipped my dinners coz I have been too tired or just want to keep the baby small. Sheesh.


Tracie said...

Are u opting for VBAC or elective C-sect? I don't think it makes a difference whether ko makan banyak or not, baby will still be big, cos he is absorbing everything from you whether u ate or not! So better makan normal otherwise nanti ko yg nutrient deficient. My grandma told me that kalau makan bitter gourd baby punya size will shrink (not sure about weight though) so make it easier to give birth.

Doc Rogue said...

You are right Tracie. The baby will grow as big as it wants and I am just going to be tired if i try to avoid eating what I need to eat and yes bitter gourd apparently makes the baby less chubby.. Cross my fingers I am eating it as well. Anyhoo Yes I am opting for VBAC. How about you? I will try.. I did not like the feeling of hopelessness after my first experience of C-sect. I also want to heal faster. :)

Tracie said...

Mine mimang all vaginal birth hehe.. I have no desire of getting c-sect. But because they don't do water birth here in Melbourne (but i can labour in the bath), see how everything progresses kalau sia inda tahan sakit, might opt for gas first, if no effect, then epidural la... but will try to avoid as much as possible. LOL penakut bah me dis kan

Doc Rogue said...

yup vaginal birth is paling ngam.. i think the main reason i did have to have c-sect with my first one is that i went to the hospital too early and I got kept in the labour room for far too long. I will not repeat that.. I will wait until I feel something significantly painful baru la. No water birth here. and Etonox not that great in removing pain. just makes u dizzy. I tried that. Try epidural. I have not but I hear it does work.

Tracie said...

I had epidural with Sean, but had really bad after effects. for a whole week and a half I had this severe headache/migraine radiating to my neck. I think it was due to the little blood lost from spine during the insertion of the catheter (they had 2 attempts) It should've been easily rectified by replacing the blood, but heck, that was Dubai! Perhaps it's different here. I HOPE it is, and it's not just me not taking it well.

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