Thursday, July 31, 2008

Look out for a Stork carrying a package for Doc Rogue

My second son will be arriving tentatively in one week. I am excited. The same questions again.
Epidural vs Etonox vs au naturale?

Natural vs C-sect?

Excitement vs fear of being confined for1 month? Ha ha ha. I try and cheer myself up with the thought of having my "lihing chicken" and a shot of Dom per day. Hmmmm.

Very busy at the moment with trying to wrap up my lectures and any management reports. I hope to take a break soon after my last lecture. Although I still have to set questions for the exams, I think I will have less to worry about. I can not wait to carry my new born in my arms.

I have been looking at new born photos of My Kiddo. Something we do just before we sleep. I keep on telling him that his brother will look like he used to. Small and in need of a lot of care. He gets this excited look and sometimes touches my tummy. Sweeeet!

I pray that everything goes well. I will try to inform as much people as I can by text when the time comes. :) Meanwhile I will continue blogging when I can. I am so excited. So very excited.


Deana E said...

all the best rachel. if tahan no need epidural but i did take as hubby insisted.

i think wincarnis is better than dome..for me dome too sweet and i sweat after taking it.

go natural !!!! but this is your second ba so you know sudah.

Doc Rogue said...

Thanks deana. I prefer Dome. I like it that it makes me really warm.. hahah Wincarnis is also sedap. But I find Dome is very KAU... hahahah ada mabuk a bit. ka ka ka ka ka. Have not drunk alcohol FOR SO LONG!!!

Yup I am hoping to go natural this time. Epidural I think is a must.. Cos the last time I was induced I swear to God that unnatural circumstances require unnatural meds.

Tara said...

Good Luck Rachel. I was wondering oso now this whether or not you gave birth oredi. I wanted to have natural birth for my 2nd one but the doctor said I had a narrow pelvis and the baby's head was not engaged even upon reaching 40 weeks and my chances for a normal delivery was very slim. So i went for elective c-sect, something that I was hesitant to do at first but did in the end. However, this time I recovered much sooner than my during my first delivery(also c-sect), it wasn't as bad I thought it would be, or maybe because I was mentally prepared for it this time.

Whatever you choose, normal or LSCS, hope your delivery goes smoothly. Good luck again and hope to see pics of your baby boy soon.

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