Friday, July 18, 2008

What was that I just felt?

Contractions. That word is a mystery to me. A lot of people had described it. But with my first son I only had the induced version. Which is really extremely painful very quickly.

Apparently in the natural way. Everyone will experience an increase in contraction pain starting from, acceptable to maybe it is a bit painful and progresses eventually to I can't smile and I can't be a nice person because my body is painful.

Yesterday morning I had slight pain in my lower abdomen. It came an went. Lasted for less than 30 seconds each and at intervals of 2 to 4 minutes. But it was not pain to shout about. I knew it was slight. But it worried me a bit. However there is a name for this mild contractions. They call it Braxton Hicks contraction which is due to the tightening of the uterine muscles in preparation of birth. This is not a common occurrence with all mothers but it does happen. It is thought to be the thinning of the cervix. However it is confusing as some expectant mothers might think they are going into labour.

It can be caused by dehydration. It can be relieved by changing position; taking a warm bath or shower; drinking water; resting; or changing activities.

So in conclusion to that weird experience yesterday. I should drink more water and rest more. I am resting today at home. Canceled class today. Hmm I will have to replace it next week. I doubt I am very near to giving birth. I have 3 weeks to go. I just think I am a tired expectant mother who needs a rest. Anyhoo when I do go into labour. I will definitely blog about that.

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