Monday, August 11, 2008

Jovial and full of life

I thought about you recently and in my heart I was celebrating the fact that you had soo much of life even towards your old age. I never expected you to leave us so soon (00.45 am 11/08/08). I enjoyed your jovialness and your love for life. The way you would seize the day and just have as much fun as you wanted to.

You were always the life of the party. You treated everyone of all walks of life with the same attitude. Happy and warm. You make people feel they are appreciated and loved. I know Penampang will miss your presence at every "Keramaian" (party). I miss you already.

You remind me of my own Grandma, your Aunty as well. I miss my "Ina". She was strong and decisive. Always had a mind of her own. My Dad did mention that he thinks I have been made similiar to you and Ina. That is an honour I can not take for granted. You were both strong and believed in your ideas. The only difference was that you were more accessible to everyone at any time. I know you would not hesitate to talk to Kings or peasants any time of the day. In fact I love your idea of fun. If I ever grow to be as old as you were I would want to be like you. Jovial and full of life.

Rest In Peace Aunty Tingguning. I know you will have a special place in Heaven. May God Bless You.

The photo below was taken on Tadau Kaamatan 2006. From Joyce's Blog


Joyce said...

Hi Rach, I was really shocked when I heard the news too. She treat everybody like her own kids bah... so much love,fun & energy whenever I jumpa her. Rest In Peace Ina Tingguning...we will miss you.

Doc Rogue said...

Yes me too.. Strange that I thought of her just last weekend. I do not think any body can beat how much everyone will miss her and have loved her in her life.

Lel said...

hi rach,

si C. Pain bah ni. I hope you're fine and your baby. I wonder when you are due for your baby boy.

Doi gia, I'm very shocked to know that she has passed away. I couldn't believe that she has gone knowing she was full of energy and high spirit. She has the reputation of stiring a party! She is full of fun, witty and hilarious. Kg. Tuavon will never be the same again without her and nobody could replace her. I also wish I am like her. Party till you drop like there's no more tomorrow :)May her soul rest in peace. Tumodoh noh Ina Tingguning....

P/S Rach, any reason she passed away?

Doc Rogue said...

She had a ruptured vein in her head I think. She was in coma for a night then she passed. I hope I am right.

How is lovely Tia? hope both of you are well.. My baby boy is handsome, well and good. :) I am soooo thankful

Lel said...

Tia is fine, well and very happy little girl. Congratulation on your new baby's boy new arrival. Little Raphael is a handsome little prince and healthy. Still too early to say which side he is either you or MOH. Well done to you after the labourious hour before the birth. It was worth it but poor you.. sengsara oh. I'm so happy for both of you. Take care and do keep in touch.

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