Sunday, August 24, 2008

Look at what the Stork brought in?

Raphael Olivin Moosom

Big happy smiles. Finally my handsome son is born. In the evening of the 18th of August, in the year of 2008. I delivered My darling son to this world. He weighed 3.55 kg that day in Likas Hospital, labour room number 5. At about 10 pm we were finally discharged to our Ward bed 18.

As the Doctor placed this precious bundle of joy on my chest for the first time. Covered in vernix and blood. I could not help but feel the happiest I have ever been in my life. I love you my son. Strange that just an hour before that moment, I was cursing and screaming my head away. Wishing I had opted for C-section instead. 28 hours I laboured to bring you into this world. I would not wish that pain on anybody else. Imagine that your hips being reshaped in the span of 24 hours to allow a baby of approximately 10 cm to 15 cm in diameter to go through. Ooooh... very painful indeed. I know other women may have it easier but I think mine was ultimately difficult owing to having had a sporty background. Whatever it is. I did asked for painkillers. In the first 12 hours they gave me pethidine. By the time I was 4 cm dilated, which was 8 am the next day, they allowed me Epidural. However even after the painful administration of Epidural. Only my right hips and leg was anesthetised. So I still felt the pain of labour in my last 6 hours before delivering my son. I was crying for c-section, I was begging to have an operation. Ha ha ha. By that time they checked me and told me I was ready to deliver the baby. I was 10 cm dilated. So my tremendous pain was the crowning, hmmm that is a thought. Good I told myself I passed that and now to PUSH!

Pushed I did with all my might. MOH was there to support, although he did ask to be excused, I appreciate that he did say a few supportive words which worked well on me. The doctors were also good in advising how to push the right way. After 6 pushes my baby's head was out. Next I had an episiotomy. Another 3 pushes, baby was out. Very very very amazing experience.

Contractions? Not yet. This is a day before the Pitosine

Me and my boys. My Kiddo not very happy with My Baby.

Hi, I am your big brother! Wanna play?

My two boys


chegu carol said...

Hehe...i know it's kinda early to tell if he looks more like his mom or his dad...but Rach, the instant i saw Raphael's face, i saw you!! hehe

Congratulations on your new born!

Doc Rogue said...

No problem.. I accept... hahahha :) I am soo happy Carol... so very happy...

Tracie said...

I second that.. Baby Raphael has the Mansa look. Lucky mummy has 2 handsome princes to look after her.

Joan D'Arcy said...

Congratulations! Your boys look wonderful together. I had similar experience on the "big bro jealousy" period when baby was born 5 months ago. I even made up the infamous "2 boys together" song so big bro didnt feel left out. He has outgrew the feelings thank God and love his lil baby to bits (sometimes too much).. Yours will too! Congratulations again. Best wishes, your silent reader :)

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