Friday, August 29, 2008

Politics Permatang Pauh

Honestly I am a politic dunce. I do not care or know anything about politics.

However Anwar winning it is very scary for me as a Sabahan. I still remember how sad and cheated I felt when PBS won in 1994, only to lose due to the massive numbers of jumps. How can the vote of the people be soo blatantly disregarded. How could our own leaders fall to such low standards. It was due to this incident that my believe of the system fell to ruins. Remember who was behind all those jumps in the pass. Check out the nekad climatologists page.

I understand Malaysia needs a change in the political atmosphere. Yet I hope it is not this one. Very scary indeed. I likened it to seeing how the old "Servay Penampang" use to arrange their electrical department. The wiring were here and there and I was saying to myself.. It looks like they will surely have a fire problem here in the future and then hearing that it burnt down. Hopefully not. But no surprise hey?


t1t2ting said...

I share this worry of yours too. Currently, many of our fellow country folks wanting political change. They want it so badly that they are being blinded by the desire; so much so to the point that they forgot about the background of those people whom they are pinning their hopes on. It can be quite difficult when it comes to issues such as politics and choosing the right people to lead a country. Because no one can tell what lies in the deepest of the deepest recesses of another person's heart. Hitler is a very good example of a politician who possessed great oratory skill, garnered the support of many of his country folks and was placed in great power to lead their country. Who would have thought he was such a monster. For me personally, the least I can do right now is to pray for our country, our people and also our leaders. May our country continue to remain in peace and harmony for a long long time to come.

Doc Rogue said...

I heed your warning to be wary of people with great oratory skills.

All we can do is Pray and to Pray very hard that the leaders are spiritually guided. :)

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