Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A good night

Today may be the first and only night which went well for both of my babies. I had my dinner after my kiddo had his, which was while I fed my li'l one. Since the li'l one was fast asleep, it gave me some quality time to spend with my kiddo.

We watched the Asian Food Channel on Astro and pretended to eat all the yummy foods. It was fun. He also asked for his Appeton Vitamin. I found that he loves this Vitamin C tablets. I told him that it is one of the last ones. He happily took it into his mouth and then later took it out.

While watching AFC, he started crying. I was shocked and wondered what was bothering him. I found out that he was trying to keep the half sucked tablet in his pocket but because it was so small he could not find it again. So I calmed him down and found it for him. Then he sat next to me sucking on his Vit C.

Not long after he started whimpering again. This time he lost his tablet behind the cushions. Hmm you would think, 'hey it is time to throw the Vit C into the bin cause it is dirty.' However I would not dare to. My kiddo would scream his heart out. Anyway I played a few tricks on him. I pretended to eat his tablet and he would start crying. Then I would tease him for crying and show him that I had not really eaten his tablet. This went on a few times. I also did the I pick the tablet out from your ear trick. Which he thought was cool coz he placed the tablet in his ear. LOL. You know kids... we had a bit more fun then he took my hand and walked me to make him his milk and off to bed we went.

Next, I played a nursery rhyme CD. We had a bit of dancing which was so sweet. He was doing this turns and trying to immitate the songs on the CD. Then I started reading his book. While pointing at a few words I realised that he can now say most of the words and remember what they were. So we played the game, 'where is this thing', for half an hour. All this while my li'l one is fast asleep.

Oh my kiddo threw a small tantrum after he found me checking on his younger brother. :) Still very jealous. He also got upset coz I told him not to rock his brothers crib. Luckily he did not start crying out loud. He just started hitting me, while making a loud shout. Told him it was not good behaviour and pretended to ignore him for a while. He had this angry angry stare at me. Next I told him calmly that I understand that he was hurt and thinks I don't love him anymore. Then I told him if he feels hurt he can just tell me he is upset and ask for a hug. The hug worked. He settled down. I know he might not know how to say the words. I just want to keep consistent with him. Then he started getting comfy and pulling the covers over him. Next thing you know he is fast asleep.

So time to change my li'l one's nappies. Yup they were soaked wet. Nevermind. I changed his clothes nappy into those disposable nappies. Next I changed him into his nightie. This woke him up of course. Then I fed him and put him back to his crib. Phew.. this night is perfect. I got to spend good time with both without getting either one too upset. I hope I have more of this kind of night.

I love my kids soo much. I feel bad when I can't give both attention at the same time. My kiddo is still a baby himself. Sometimes I think maybe I should have waited until he was older to get my li'l one. Hmmmm.. too late. :)

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Carolyn Chong Nors├Ąter said...

Waw are an amazing mother...proud of you!


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