Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A joy forever

My children are so precious.

This morning I brought the eldest one to my office to get some stuff which I need urgently. Spent a few hours with me, you would think he would be satisfied with the quality time I spend with him. However as soon as we got home he did not want to lose sight of me. I have trouble trying to persuade him that I do want to spend time with him. It is just that his brother needs me for food.

On a separate occasion, I have trouble putting my baby to bed. After feeding he would nod off and then I would put him to bed. But he would wake up as soon as his head touches the bed. Hmmm... Susah betul.. he just wants to be carried around. Everytime I think he is asleep and I lay him on the bed, he decides to wake up and demands to be carried by crying.

I tried carrying him while doing work on the computer. Somehow he knows that I am not giving him my full attention and he decides to show his disatisfaction by crying and whimpering. I finally decided to watch tv, while I let him lay on my chest. This got him to doze off. SUCCESS!. Happily I go back my room and laid him down to sleep. Guess what? He decides to wake up. aiyoooooooo... Hmmm... eventually I decided to prop myself up on the bed and let him lay on me. Finally this got him to settle down and sleep. This time instead of laying him down on his back, I placed him on the bed on his tummy. He continued to sleep. Phew!!

Each kid has his own way.. my eldest one was so easy to get to sleep. As soon as he finish his feeding... he flats out and sleeps for 2-4 hours. I was sooo thankful that I did not really have sleepless nights with my kiddo. However with my second one. He is still precious cause when he is awake these two black pools just stares at you with an almost knowing and talking way. And he likes to punch the air all the time.. by the way... he does not really cry so much. Just a little yelp. Which I am also very happy for. yup I enjoy both my kids very much. They my things of beauty. A thing of beauty is a Joy forever. :)

anyhoo... I should rest now. Tomorrow I have an interview with OUM.. finally. Been waiting to be called for 2 years.


maizura said...

yeah same here, though kids can be ridiculously demanding at times, but u find joy in entertaining them. strange wonderful feelings :)

gd luck with the interview!

Doc Rogue said...

Ya bah mai... and I hope when it comes your turn that it would be easier. Sakit hati also seeing one kid jealous with the other. Now I know how my parents feel when they see jealousy amongst my siblings. :)

Syok having the kids.. really really syok

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