Friday, October 17, 2008

iPhone no more, HTC Touch come over

I blogged a while before about how I wished I had the iPhone.

Recently I went to Centre Point Sabah and asked about the iPhone at the Apple Outlet. Guess what? They have phased out the iPhone I wanted for the iPhone 3G with a much higher price. Great. Just great.

I decided just then and then I decided I would not be able to afford that and I would just look for a normal PDA to do my work.

A visit to the PDAexpert in 1 Borneo however put my sadness aside. They had a PDA phone which was really much better than the iPhone in terms of programs. HTC Touch Diamond. After looking at it and handling it for half an hour. I was in Love. So I got home and surfed the web for a few days looking at reviews on it. I also am wondering how much I will need a QWERTY layout to type. Hmmm.

Ponder.. ponder.. ponder.. surf.. surf.. surf.. read.. read.. read.. Then I found one info which made me think I should wait for the HTC Touch Pro aka Raphael.. How cool is that name... :) wink* wink* :p . It perfectly marries the fun side of having a smart phone with work. Apparently it is also possible to give power point presentations from this tiny machine. Cool. Does that mean I don't have to lug my heavy laptop around. I hope. I will definitely get this HTC Touch Pro now. Given that it has arrived here.

Ok now I am settled and I can work. Ha ha ha


Gallivanter said...

The HTC is way hotter than the overrated iPod. :-)

sitihasnah said...

my bro IL got one.. and it is really nice.. yeah.. u should get one..hmm... how I wish to have it for my birthday present.. [big smile]

niezam sandakan said...

Sabah has the most ridiculous price for iPhone. Well KL also not bad. New Zealand the best and Singapore also cheaper that KL.

iPhone learning in terms of Application and more better in the future :) (10k Application since July 2008 only)

iPhone win in style/action i guess.

Checkout the HTC Touch HD vs. iPhone 3G Video via YouTube -

See ya

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