Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Kiddo and My Baby

The two most important men in my life. I love them so much. I would give my life for them.

My Baby is so sweet.

I have noticed that he has a totally different character to his brother. He smiles at the simplest coo from you. He smiles right after feeding. It is like he is complimenting the chef.

He poos but once or twice a day and does a very big one. His poo overflows his cloth nappy or his disposable nappy. It practically looks like a big atom bomb went off in there.

Hmm poo, smiles and cries. Yeah he cries too. He gets upset about things I do not understand. But most of the time I can guess it will be either he is sleepy, hungry or wants to be carried around the house. He does not really cry because of wet nappies. Strange.

My Kiddo tho is sooo loving but also very jealous of his little bro. He has started getting extra clingy to me and had lessened his clinginess to his dad. But poor Kiddo he has the shits and gets sick most of the time. This stomach bug really pisses me off. Poor Kiddo. He has lost a lot of weight and can not keep much down. I wish he gets well soon. Di di boding dibo dibo ding. :) Please God make my Kiddo better soon. It is painful to see him hungry at one moment then vomitting the next.
When My Kiddo was a teeny little wee baby himself. He was the most precious little bundle of joy ever. For me that is. He never cried too much. He would whimper and that will be either for feeding, poo or wetting his nappy. Otherwise he will sleep happily.

He always had this thinking look. Made me suspect he wants to be those professors who examined me during my viva voce. :) hahahahah Wishful thinking.

I just hope my two boys would grow up to be two good men. Healthy, wealthy and wise.


Linachu said...

haha..if only dibo could make all our wishes come true!

your boys are gonna grow up to be great guys rach..they have a great mommy :)

Doc Rogue said...

thanks for the vote of confidence.. Need it.. scary to be a mummy too...

My sons could turn out.. Hmmm making my worst nightmare come true even if I try my best and I am a good mother..
I ask myself what will I do if that happens.. hmm

But I should not worry about the future. It will expose itself when it does.

Tracie said...

Raphael looks just like his mummy. Ur boys dont look like brothers betul2 teda resemblance kan? Satu cap bapa, the other one cap mama.. hehe but no doubt both will grow up to be handsome young men. oh, ava does the same thing with her poos!

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