Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Time for contraceptive

Me and babies.. I love them.. but for myself 2 beautiful boys is enough.

I do not think I can handle anymore at the moment. I adore and appreciate my beloved boys. Yet I do feel like I am slowing down too much with my career. I have to strike that Golden Balance.

So contraception is in the menu this week. Of course you look at all your options and try to pick the one that best suits you and your lifestyle.

The Pill - Pros; I have been on it before. It did not cause any negatives to me. Cons; I am extremely forgetful now and may get pregnant due to forgetfulness. So; not an option.

The Condom - Pros; works well, cheap and cheerful. Cons; hmmm nothing wrong with this one.. just malas (malaise, lazy) hahahha... so not an option since I am lazy.

The IUD - Pros; Cheap, long term (3 years), easy, proven to work 89% of the time. Cons; Painful periods cramps. Can not lose a day of work due to cramps.. I usually have bad ones without IUD.. I heard it gets really painful with it. No go...

The Implant - Pros; Under the skin for 3 years, Period becomes irregular (good I hate period cramps), no forgetting anything. Cons; It is expensive (RM480.00), it is a hormone treatment. May cause depression. But I am good with EQ.. so saying.. my Doc Canal Village used to tell me I was bad at EQ.. but I worked on that Uncle.. so now I can handle it.. :)

So I ended up with The Implant. It sounds so simple, yet it took me weeks to decide. I talked to everyone I can about this. Up to the day I was still deciding between IUD and the Implant. In fact I was thinking of using IUD. Except for the fact that I really have bad periods cramps hence I changed my mind finally to the Implant. This is because I am okay with hormones in my body. :) here I am praying everything will work.

The Implanting procedure was quick. The only pain I felt was the sting of the local anaesthetic. Now I have a bandage on the inside of my left arm. I also have a card to come along with the implant. Not much change.. however I was touchy when I got home due to my perceived ugly hair cut... which MOH said might be due to the implant.. Hmmm don't think so. I was just touchy. I did not like my haircut at first glance.. Neither did I like it at second glance, or the third or the umpteenth time.. I wanted to go chop everything off but I stopped myself. My hair will grow and it would be better in the near future. :) Thanks sis for making me stop from going mad with my hair.


chegu carol said...

most of my colleagues went for implant also...senang bah. :)

Doc Rogue said...

I can not help but agree. Yet the doc i went to did say that more women (90%) actually opt for IUD.

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