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What I did in Summer of 2005

This one is a very sweet memory..

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A journey on my own (Warning! a long one)

Sunday, July 17th, 2005

I went to Cambridge yesterday and came back today… It started out to be scary for me.. to be on my own and I lost my Young Person’s Railcard.. I also forgot my camera.. duh… I tried renewing my card at the uni station.. but they did not have a form.. hmmm… then had to buy a separate ticket to get to Birmingham New Street. Then I had to queue up for an hour. Phuuuu.. Penat ooooh.. Luckily I left the house much earlier, I sort of anticipated that it would take a lot of time to get a replacement card… then I went for lunch.. makan meehun goreng basah.. yum at my favourite malaysian restaurant..

then had to rush to train station.. found out that the trip is sooo long la.. like 3 hours.. even going to lancaster or london is only 2 hours. hmmmm what to do.. i already promise to go to see a friend from a-levels college.. whom i havent seen for ten years.. damn.. long man… too long

Her name is Lisa.. comes from a humble school in penang.. and from a humble family.. and from my a-level college.. she was the only girl out of four ppl who got into cambridge.. she is very very very intelligent and fun too… when i saw her again it was a sight for sore eyes.. i felt soo happy..

We chatted..she walked me around the cambridge campus.. the sun shining with clear blue skies and the campus is really really like a beautiful european city.. with gothic and roman architecture.. lots of types.. with lotsa green grass.. trees and a canal… we chatted.. had dinner and chatted some more.. Gosh we had to catch up on sooo many things… eventually we decided to punt.. night punting.. ooh it was soo serene and beautiful.. What u do is drop this long 5 metre pole into the water and use it to push the boat…. without pulling the pole out of the water.. u use the pole as a rudder to direct the boat.. so push and direct.. Hehehehe ;) Lisa did it first then she let me try it.. at first I was sooo damn scared of falling into the water.. but Lisa did well to guide me.. and then i eventually got the hang of it.. although when lisa said.. okay we go straight so u dont have to do the difficult move of turning the whole boat.. but instead of going forward i went round.. hahahahah i actually turned the boat.. hehehheheh well turning is good…

I learned a new skill.. sooo rewarding… the canals had bridges like in venice.. and u have to sort of push the boat and let the momentum carry u across under the bridge.. There was two favourite spots i liked while punting… the one when i first took over.. the place was quiet and peaceful.. water was beautiful.. the geese were in a line going pass us.. hmmm i dont have enough words to describe it…. then the second place was the city centre where the bars were.. it was busy with life.. ppl talking, eating and drinking.. the contrast was amazing… I did this about 10 pm hahahh night punting… Lisa only told me this morning that she was actually afraid coz there were only us girls.. but she did not show any fear last night.. so i felt so brave.. funny…

This morning we went to have breakfast.. by this time Lisa is asking me to do a post doc in cambridge.. she is also writing up and will be doing a one year post doc there.. hahahahah i dunno.. maybe i will.. the place is soooo beautiful.. it is hard not to want to go and work there for a while… I found out that Lisa is also after an academic life.. which was funny coz we have the same reasons for wanting it… it was a nice feeling to know u are not alone when u are in a world of rat races.. when u just want a simple car to get u from A to B… A simple house.. small enough so we can clean it easily.. but enough space to have guests… and a job which we can work at our own leisure… hehehehe.. dunno if that is really the case.. but we seemed to think so.. coz when projects need doing.. we know we can get it done.. but then if we feel like taking a break.. we can.. nice sweet life… heheheh

We went punting again.. hahahha (can u tell that i love punting?) and we met her bestfriend Seena, he is in Trinity college… just in case u dunno what trinity college is famous for… it is Sir Isaac Newton.. he was in this college.. anyway.. Seena is her friend who dated 2004 Miss Universe (Iranian Canadian) hahahha ooh u gotta ask me for the story.. it is funny.. nanti this blog gets too long.. anyway.. i took turns with Seena on the punt.. it was another sunny beautiful day… hmmmm the day had to end.. like all good things.. but I hope with this blog.. i will always remember it… God Bless…

joy, leen, roy, cora.. i hope one day i can bring u there and punt.. one fine day like today.. it is lovely.. and fun… love u all… by the way.. Lisa is also the third daughter.. she has two older sisters and a younger sister and brother… just like me.. funny isnt it…

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