Thursday, November 20, 2008

Exam time for the kids

Hah.. sometimes it is good sometimes it is bad. There are 3 weeks to the exam period and luckily or unluckily I have had my papers put into the final week. Which is good if I look at it that I have two weeks of complete freedom. Bad if I think of how I have to rush all the marking before I go on to my research.

Anyway I took the positive outlook and took the time to redecorate my home. Aaaah.. you know, after getting and losing about 15+ maids in 2 years. I am finally giving up. MOH and I are trying out the nursery and doing house chores together. He does the dishes, sweeping and mopping. I cook and do the laundry plus anything else the babies need. He agreed with me that a tidy house helps to steady a marriage.

We made a pact to reduce mess and clutter in order to keep our lives simple. We also started a project 2 weeks ago. The aim was to clear up clutter in the house, sort out our clothes and things, make our home a homely place and not a storage place. For two years we sat on a rocking chair and a one person easy chair. Which always resulted in a fight or shuffle to give up space for the other. It is now solved with two beautiful couches... Thanks to "living concept" I love them... MOH loves them... my sons loves them. Yahoo... That was one of my greatest achievement this year. The other ones was to get our clothes and laundry organised. We have dedicated one room for all our clothes (i.e. mine, MOH's and babies). Which translates to a walk in closet.. hahahha in all my life I never dreamed that I would have a walk in closet. Wow... This resulted in reduced clutter in our bedroom. Which is great. It is so easy to tidy it up now. There is only our bed, baby cot and a 3 chest drawer in there. Sigh... *wink wink.. so easy to clean... I also got a white shelve for My kiddo's toys.. and it is in the third room. I am all smiles and pretty proud of myself. However the third room still needs work.. I need to clear all the clothes which I have decided to give away. Citizen sierra thanks for helping me la babe. However I need to get rid of those 3 large bags... Anyone interested? Now, the only part of my house which I wish for more organization is the kitchen. Next year then. We will plan for the built in Cabinets.

Now that, that part of my life is finally getting sorted I have to give my attention back to my work. Ahh... exam papers to mark, proposals to write. ugh.. agh.. hmmm nice... smiles... whichever it is.. This is life and I love it.


maekolis said...

hey rach..seems like everything is falling into place now? happy for you dear...

Doc Rogue said...

yeah it is. :) sigh. i pray for more good things just like this.

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