Saturday, December 20, 2008

My kiddo and his words

Every day he learns to put a string of words together. Some days he amazes me and some days I just get flabbergasted. Reminds me of my younger days.. Really younger days.

Let me tell you a story. when I was very very young. I woke up one day and felt like the world was in my palm and I can speak. However no adult understood my sentences. That was when I was a wee toddler learning to speak. Guess what? I still see the same confused faces on my students. LOL

Anyway these are precious moments for me. Last night he said "Mommy, big bus." While pointing at the buses parked in Donggongon. I am slowly trying to add in some more words to his vocab. Like big green bus or something and he tries to repeat. Sweet.

My lil baby now coos and aahs... so much I think he will be the talkative one. Today he did a full 360 degree turn, while on his tummy. Smilingly he looked at me and then coos again. I can be in no better heaven right then and there. My children are amazing.

Merry Christmas to everyone and every children. I hope they get all their dreams come true.

I also turned 32 recently. How does it feel? Old, tired but happy. I am glad to be surrounded by people who love me.


Rem said...

Rach, macam lama sudah kita ndak jumpa, kan. Anak kau pun sudah besar!

We must catch up one of these days, kio. Before the new semester starts.

Linachu said...

Amazing kan? Yasmin still blows us away everytime she comes out with some cute the other day, she said "Oh my goodness! Look at that!" :) My hubby and I berpandangan sambil tercengang. She learnt a lot of words from tv too... get your kids to watch Playhouse Disney... Not Cartoon Network, that one has more 'violence and obscenities'

Happy Birthday by the way!

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