Monday, January 26, 2009

The year of the bull

Last night we went to watch the fireowks in K.K. from a higher point. We saw so much fireworks. Popping up from Tuaran all the way to the KKIA. It looked like a bubbling pot of porridge. MOH and I saw every colour of the rainbow. It was a shame my kiddo was asleep. The night had a cold breeze, we had a bottle of chivas, corn, groundnuts and mango. It was a nice date. Approaching romantic but I would not have dared suggest it to MOH. Unless I trigger his emotionally unavailable side. I was just happy. A good start to the new year. At least we could celebrate CNY together since our Christmas and New Year were spent separately. What can I say, no marriages are happily ever after. All we can guarantee is that we remember to love ourselves and take care of our responsibilities.

Yet I am happy with life. I expected it to be tough. I expected it to be rewarding. I am not dissapointed.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy chinese new year 2009

This is such a good holiday. All MOH and I have done with the kids are have breakfast and take afternoon naps. Relaxing. A much needed rest. :) Things are good. life is peaceful. My kiddo and my baby are growing so fast. My baby has started pushing himself forward. He looks so interested with all that is around him. I can not describe my joy in watching him grow so fast. He is so active and cheerful. My kiddo on the other hand has gone into watching video cds non stop. It worries me. But I also welcome the free time it gives me to spend with baby. You see I struggle to find time for my baby because my kiddo is also very needy of attention. It is not his fault. It is just his age. Hmmmm sometimes i feel like i have to be a superwoman.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The New Year 2009

I am glad that I survived 2008 and now living in 2009. Whooa... I wonder what is in store for me this year.

My marriage survived almost over 10 major arguments. I hope this year is better. I hope the communication gets better. From the point I am sitting on now. It has gotten better. Bless MOH. I pray to God that it gets better from here.

Last year I had one kid and pregnant with my second one. This year I have two kids. You know what. I am tired all the time. I had to take a nap in the office just now. Last week I had what was called "Novingkat". I had chills and my body ached all over. I would say I was over exhausted. This year I am taking things easy.

I will cry when I need to. I will sing when I want to. I will laugh when I feel like. I will do my work with peace.

Whatever may come, may come. I let it and I will go as the flow goes.

I am like a bird - Eagle.. woo hoo..

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The Keys to Your Life - Shite! truth reverberates.

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My Shoe Type - Oh I am common... :)

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