Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Something I found funny

"Nolo Contendere" is a legal term meaning, " I didn't do it, judge, and I'll never do it again."

By the way. I played futsal last saturday and guess what. I scored about 5 goals. Yahoo. Me back into me sporty self again.

A few photos to show off.. :)

And a few photos of late.


Misako said...

hi rach, congrats!
my brother said, waah..dr rachel terror oo main futsal!

niezam sandakan said...

owh ada pla men futsal ni XD geng2 staff~

Pa2 pun johan tu, kongratz

Anonymous said...

well done rach!!! The boys looked so cute. Rapha betul betul your mini!

chegu carol said...

somehow, looking at your family pics make me envy rach.
i love the feeling that the pictures send to me while staring at them :)

Rob said...

"I scored about 5 goals."

ABOUT five goals? You kill me Rach. :-)

Doc Rogue said...

hahaha.. 5 goals rob.. i think u mean cricket scores.. leave the futsal to me and u to ur cricket.. :) and by the way.. i am not so terrer.. orang ja takut mau kacau aku.. hahahah Doc kan.. CHEEEEEH..

anyhoo.. Carol.. a picture perfect can be only be picture perfect.. in reality.. i have to fight tooth and nail, buckets of sweat and blood.. to keep this life.. can u believe it.. :) hahaha i must be crazy.. but it is worth it.. nothing is perfect.. it is just how u take life i guess.. but thanks for envying me.. makes me realise.. i am trying hard for something worth the while.. hmmmmm

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