Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jumping off a cliff...

I really respect those people who bungee jump, skydive or jump off a cliff into a water fall.

Man.. don't they know they can never grow their wings on the way down? :)

MJM just cheered me up. A very big thank you.

I have gotten married to a Man, I knew would break my heart, would be no good to me and my kids. Give me a lot of headache and heartache. I still married him. All my predictions have come true. All my hopes have not been fulfilled. I am optimistic. My hopes will come true. I just have to be patient. God hears everything. He is just testing me and letting me know my true ability. That is not just what I keep on telling myself. It is like my Mantra. What else could a person do? I believe in prayers. I believe there is a God. However life is not easy. I do not think anyone has an easy life. Even the brother of the Sultan of Brunei has to pay for his mismanagement of funds. Everyone has to be responsible otherwise they will be haunted with a terrible life.. I believe this is true.

So everyday I try to be as responsible as I can.
I make sure the food does not run out in my house.
I make sure the bills are all paid.
I make sure my kids have enough clothes, food, milk, diapers and toys.
I make sure they have a good carer cum house help.
I make sure my car is well serviced.
I make sure I pray everyday.
I make sure my friends don't loose touch with me.
I make sure I can remember their birthdays (this one I am still working on.. very very hard).
I make sure my mom knows I love her.
I make sure that my sisters are emotionally supported.
I make sure my students get the information correct and the right understanding.
I make sure all my paperwork are done.
I make sure all my deadlines are met.

Geez... I am a boring person. Oh yeah the other thing that I need to make sure is that I am well taken care off. I have to make sure I am happy. I have to make sure that I love myself enough. :)

So is jumping off a cliff a responsible thing to do? hmmm no.. don't do it unless you have no responsibilities at all. I wish I did it when I was single, still one can not say I never did it. I think my version of jumping off a cliff is getting married to my husband...


Anonymous said...

u never fail to put a smile on my face. love u lots! xox, apr.

I LOVE YOU said...


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