Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy day..

It is funny.. the feeling when your son says "Mami shee shee" for the first time. Finally he knows how to tell me he wants the toilet. I am so happy.

Hopefully he will be toilet trained soon. Hoping to save a lot of disposable nappies.

Too busy..

Short and sweet today.

My taxes are up.

The thesis report is due.

My 269 exam papers need marking. Ugh.

My proposals are due very very soon.

Sigh.. my poor babies.. they are gonna miss me.

Forecast for this weekend. Mummy will be working and playing futsal, hoping that my kids would forgive me. Promised My Kiddo to bring him out in the weekend. Maybe I still could if I manage my time right. Sigh again.. I am MCing for the event on Friday. Sigh again and again.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Amazing one week.

Went to Tempurung on Monday and came back on Tuesday. We made some sand castle which got destroyed as soon as I put up the one tower of sand from plastic containers. I gave up. Tried to have a splish splash with My Kiddo in the sea but it was like full of Jellyfish. Uwaaaaaaaaa... LOL so much for my dream holiday. But guess how hardcore I was... with My kiddo safely in his longswimsuit, I got him to dive some huge waves.. (it was huge for a kiddo okay?) So in the end it was not all lost. I had a lot of peaceful sleep and fun playing with my kids on the sand. My lil baby's first time on the sand and he did not like it much. Some sand got into his mouth but I was chilled and let go of my freaky keep things clean nature.

FYI My lil baby finally stood hands free for about 3 seconds on the bed. hmmm growing so fast My Rough n Tough boy.

Next day did some banking and then went out Wednesday night. LOL I got totally sloshed with my Shoe string budget sis. It was like old times when we had no money and not much wisdom. ROFL. Terribly drunk on Edgar's ladies night free flow of Vodka Lime. My ultimate weakness. Hahaha it was reminiscence of the teenage years when I use to sneak a glass of vodka lime from my Dad's stash. (I love my parents LOL). I was sick the whole night. Getting to sleep was difficult. I was glad I asked MOH to drop and pick us up at the Pub. Otherwise I could not imagine myself behind those wheels. Well I paid him back by bringing him out last night and driving him home.

Thursday was a day of recuperation for me but I still managed to send SSB sis to work, have breakfast and visit the exhibition in my School. Even visited each and everyone of the stands. I am quite proud of them. They were all very clever.

By Friday I brought both My Kiddo and Mr rough and tough to the clinic. The eldest is now 2 years and 5 months old and is 95 cm (wow almost a meter) and is 14.4 kg. My youngest is 8 months, 68 cm and 8.4 kg. They grow so fast. Later went with my sis to see journalist friend who has a 3 month old baby. Very cute baby and the baby had a very cute elder sis who can scream the house down. hahah My Kiddo had fun playing with the girls. To see him laugh and smile so much makes me happy.

This is the first time since I got back from my studies that I took a totally guilt free holiday and it was good. I am now in my home resting because I had a week full of fun.

So that is it. Come this morning I was up and finally decided to start doing some work. Finally finished reading that Thesis. It was good. Now I gotta go write a report for it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A1-1-3 is online

Yep. I gave in. After living here for about 2 years. I finally fixed my landline and internet.

It is becoming a proper home.. LOL.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Industrial visit to Kinarut Beach Cheese

When I was first leaving the UK to come back to Malaysia. I unhappily said goodbye to my favorite Camembert cheese and Brie.

Guess what I married a man whose cousin makes the cheese in Kinarut Beach Cheese (Yahoo.. jumping up and down like a crazy loon). She works for a lovely Australian lady (Shelley Blew). I really thought then that God is really watching out for me. LOL. I started loving Camembert only after a French friend introduced it to me. Her name is Berengere and she is a lovely sweet girl who always brought French food back for me (I also miss Foie Gras, pronounced "fua graa", i.e. goose liver hoping someone produces this locally). Initially when Berengere gave it to me I went. Huh? what is this? ugh it smells. After a few more times. I started making my tomato and Camembert/Brie sandwiches for lunch. Then I got stuck on it. Love the taste. It is like soft gooey cheese and it melts in your mouth. Hmmmm... should have tapaued some home.

The cheese factory is within the "Langkah Syabas" (direct translation is step good) compound. The process is very well set up and hygiene is in the top list. I found others blogging about this. Check out the rest of the details

If you want some Sabahan cheese directly from the factory you can call 006 088752111. The beach resort is in Kg Laut 3.5 km from Lok Kawi. Otherwise you can get the cheese products from Giant, Chua Kah Seng, Merdeka supermarket or Tong Hing.

For your information they get their milk from Desa's friesian cow farm. The farm is in Mesilau (near Ranau, foot of Mount Kinabalu). Their process is highly hygienic. I should know, I am a Chemical Engineer. Their market is expanding to KL and Brunei. According to Shelley she is busy with the HACCP for the product to enable them to export this product. Yeah to that.

This a photo of Me, My Kiddo, Shelley, Judith and my students just in front of the small factory.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What a Happy Happy News!

Guess what.. I looked at the ticket I bought two days ago in Donggongon and then today.. I won the LOTTERY RM1,000,000.00.

Yahoo. Hmm this is so exciting. What can I spend the money on?.. Wooo hooo..

Any suggestions?

I will pay off all my bloody credit card bills and CUT them all up!

I will buy my mom a diamond ring!

I will put up a trust fund for my kids.

I will have another kid.. HAHAHAHAH

I will pay off my car.

I will pay off my student loans.

I will give each of my siblings a lump of money.

I will buy a new house.

I will find a friend who really needs help and give them some money.

I will put some money in an orphanage.

Oh I will put up a fund for my parents for their sick days.

I will buy myself new shoes. LOL

I will visit my friends all over the world.

I will start investing more. (aik kegawatan.. be careful).


I wish it was not April fool's day.


I am like a bird - Eagle.. woo hoo..

Your Power Bird is an Eagle
You are spiritual and able to soar to great heights.
You are a true inspiration, and many people look to you for guidance.
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The Keys to Your Life - Shite! truth reverberates.

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You know how to assess a situation before you leap into action.

Anything bad in your life comes from fooling yourself or clinging to illusions.

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My Shoe Type - Oh I am common... :)

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The Sesame Street Personality Quiz - Who would have guessed

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