Saturday, April 18, 2009

Amazing one week.

Went to Tempurung on Monday and came back on Tuesday. We made some sand castle which got destroyed as soon as I put up the one tower of sand from plastic containers. I gave up. Tried to have a splish splash with My Kiddo in the sea but it was like full of Jellyfish. Uwaaaaaaaaa... LOL so much for my dream holiday. But guess how hardcore I was... with My kiddo safely in his longswimsuit, I got him to dive some huge waves.. (it was huge for a kiddo okay?) So in the end it was not all lost. I had a lot of peaceful sleep and fun playing with my kids on the sand. My lil baby's first time on the sand and he did not like it much. Some sand got into his mouth but I was chilled and let go of my freaky keep things clean nature.

FYI My lil baby finally stood hands free for about 3 seconds on the bed. hmmm growing so fast My Rough n Tough boy.

Next day did some banking and then went out Wednesday night. LOL I got totally sloshed with my Shoe string budget sis. It was like old times when we had no money and not much wisdom. ROFL. Terribly drunk on Edgar's ladies night free flow of Vodka Lime. My ultimate weakness. Hahaha it was reminiscence of the teenage years when I use to sneak a glass of vodka lime from my Dad's stash. (I love my parents LOL). I was sick the whole night. Getting to sleep was difficult. I was glad I asked MOH to drop and pick us up at the Pub. Otherwise I could not imagine myself behind those wheels. Well I paid him back by bringing him out last night and driving him home.

Thursday was a day of recuperation for me but I still managed to send SSB sis to work, have breakfast and visit the exhibition in my School. Even visited each and everyone of the stands. I am quite proud of them. They were all very clever.

By Friday I brought both My Kiddo and Mr rough and tough to the clinic. The eldest is now 2 years and 5 months old and is 95 cm (wow almost a meter) and is 14.4 kg. My youngest is 8 months, 68 cm and 8.4 kg. They grow so fast. Later went with my sis to see journalist friend who has a 3 month old baby. Very cute baby and the baby had a very cute elder sis who can scream the house down. hahah My Kiddo had fun playing with the girls. To see him laugh and smile so much makes me happy.

This is the first time since I got back from my studies that I took a totally guilt free holiday and it was good. I am now in my home resting because I had a week full of fun.

So that is it. Come this morning I was up and finally decided to start doing some work. Finally finished reading that Thesis. It was good. Now I gotta go write a report for it.


Rob said...

Great to hear that it's not all work, work, work and you're still finding time to have some fun (with the jellyfish).

I got my little devil helping in the garden this weekend but she was nearly eating the lettuce as fast as I could plant it. She doesn't even like lettuce!

Doc Rogue said...

hahahah wow u have a rabbit for a baby.. hahaha.. wonder how reyna is?

I am like a bird - Eagle.. woo hoo..

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