Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Industrial visit to Kinarut Beach Cheese

When I was first leaving the UK to come back to Malaysia. I unhappily said goodbye to my favorite Camembert cheese and Brie.

Guess what I married a man whose cousin makes the cheese in Kinarut Beach Cheese (Yahoo.. jumping up and down like a crazy loon). She works for a lovely Australian lady (Shelley Blew). I really thought then that God is really watching out for me. LOL. I started loving Camembert only after a French friend introduced it to me. Her name is Berengere and she is a lovely sweet girl who always brought French food back for me (I also miss Foie Gras, pronounced "fua graa", i.e. goose liver hoping someone produces this locally). Initially when Berengere gave it to me I went. Huh? what is this? ugh it smells. After a few more times. I started making my tomato and Camembert/Brie sandwiches for lunch. Then I got stuck on it. Love the taste. It is like soft gooey cheese and it melts in your mouth. Hmmmm... should have tapaued some home.

The cheese factory is within the "Langkah Syabas" (direct translation is step good) compound. The process is very well set up and hygiene is in the top list. I found others blogging about this. Check out the rest of the details http://azeanmark.blogspot.com/2009/03/made-in-sabah-cheeseyupcheessee.html

If you want some Sabahan cheese directly from the factory you can call 006 088752111. The beach resort is in Kg Laut 3.5 km from Lok Kawi. Otherwise you can get the cheese products from Giant, Chua Kah Seng, Merdeka supermarket or Tong Hing.

For your information they get their milk from Desa's friesian cow farm. The farm is in Mesilau (near Ranau, foot of Mount Kinabalu). Their process is highly hygienic. I should know, I am a Chemical Engineer. Their market is expanding to KL and Brunei. According to Shelley she is busy with the HACCP for the product to enable them to export this product. Yeah to that.

This a photo of Me, My Kiddo, Shelley, Judith and my students just in front of the small factory.

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