Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Kiddo part 3

He said he was hungry at 11.30 pm.

I said do you want milo? He answered,"no I am full, I am hungry"..

@#$@#$%@#$ yeah he is starting to be contradicting. So I explain that he can not be hungry and not hungry at the same time. Then he explained to me he is hungry for cookies..

So cookies and milk for my hungry kiddo at 11.40 pm..


Doctor Robert said...

Contradicting? He gets that from his mother!


Doc Rogue said...

Cheers doc EEevil.. :)
hope Isla is doing well... and how is Fran and teaching.. by the is brumland, and uni... is there any way vacancy in Birmingham at the moment in which I might be able to fill up?

Doctor Robert said...

None at the moment and the government is cutting university funding so not sure when that is likely to change - wrong time of year to be asking though really.

Isla never stops talking, loves being outdoors hunting for spiders and bugs - she's such a boy. Number 2 is due on Monday, so no teaching at the moment.

Doc Rogue said...

congrats Rob.. aw so what was it? girl or boy?

Rob said...

Boy... but didn't come until after your question.

Have emailed pics - assume you still use hotmail.

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