Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New beginnings to all Pre U freshers

I have a cousin who said, "Hi kak. U knw ka tdk bgus this our lect,Mcm2 teda2 oo the prof madya di title dorg".

Hmmm I thought and thought.. it is true.. very true.. some are bad lecturers.. or can you actually say they are bad lecturers?

I replied her,"i know how u feel.. not long ago like 15 years ago.. i was in ur position.. sia kutuk kutuk juga lecturer saya.. but u know what.. now i am a lecturer.. i can see both sides.. u know my problem as a lecturer? the students want me to give them all the answers.. no one thinks.. no one wants to give their own answer.. no one wants to exercise their brain power.. macam sia lecture tu dinding ja.. very sedih and demoralising for us.. u know to lecture a wall.. i have to psyche myself up to be enthusiastic.. but then i see the students who are not even interested in learning... it is difficult.. at tertiary education level u are not only expected to give definitions but u are suppose to learn how to synthesize new information from basic fundamentals..

so when u feel like kutuking the lecturer.. try asking yourself if in 10 years time you can teach a pre U student how to think.

durang ni bukan cikgu di school lagi.. sometimes u need to show ur interest u know.. u urself need to be involved.."

this is from a frustrated lecturer..


El Rebelde said...

I know exactly what you mean.

But compare that to your own children, I'm sure they want to learn and learn and try new things - life as one big science lab. Between now and university they may lose that desire to learn if you don't watch out.

Anyway, feeling the same, I'm seriously considering a career move to the younger end of the education system - before the secondary schools kill off all their enthusiasm.

Doc Rogue said...

agreed.. u want to move??? same here.. where shall i go.. hmmm..

Misako said...

can't agree with u more Rach. Hopefully we can get better students this intake.. or become a better lecturer instead ;) Have a nice day, dear!

Belle Deon said...

:-) Tough being a Lecturer its not only lecturing the fundamentals but trying to teach the students on how to have a thinking brain , how to utilize the brain more.. Good Luck Sis!

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